Quay 2, Edinburgh

  • Bespoke-3D-Panel-In-Gloss-Metallic-Black-For-Office-Reception-Walls
  • Bespoke-3D-Panel-In-Gloss-Metallic-Black-For-Office-Reception-Walls 6
  • Bespoke-3D-Panel-In-Gloss-Metallic-Black-For-Office-Reception-Walls 3
  • Bespoke-3D-Panel-In-Gloss-Metallic-Black-For-Office-Reception-Walls 1
  • Bespoke-3D-Panel-In-Gloss-Metallic-Black-For-Office-Reception-Walls 5
  • Bespoke-3D-Panel-In-Gloss-Metallic-Black-For-Office-Reception-Walls 2
  • Bespoke-3D-Panel-In-Gloss-Metallic-Black-For-Office-Reception-Walls 4
  • Bespoke-3D-Panel-In-Gloss-Metallic-Black-For-Office-Reception-Walls 7
  • Bespoke-3D-Panel-In-Gloss-Metallic-Black-For-Office-Reception-Walls 8

Situated in a unique waterside setting at the heart of the bustling Exchange District in Edinburgh, Quay 2 offers the perfect integration of business space, amenities and transport connections – everything you need for your business to flourish.

It was in this space we supplied our Bespoke 3D wall panels in Gloss Metallic Black Foil.

Due to previous successful projects with the architect, we were specified again to make this space stand out and create a huge impact in the reception area.



Product Used: Bespoke 3D wall panels in Gloss Metallic Black Foil


  • Bespoke design = allowed designer to create the exact look desired, and incorporate the company logo and other signage in with the panel design
  • Made-to-measure panels = ensured the design flowed between panels and meant there was no on site cutting or finishing
  • Discreet Fixing method = no visible fixings and made install very simple on site

The project went extremely well and we look forward to working with them on the next one!

Some great feedback below from the architect;

'The Project and Panels were fantastic, the Client and Contractor are very pleased'

Senior Architect | Architect's Practice

Aker Solutions, AIBP

Aker Solutions needed to create impact in various areas of their office complex. Our 3D panels were used - a bespoke design, custom sized and finished in gloss metallic black.

Gatwick Hotel Restaurant

Located in the Gatwick Crowne Plaza Hotel, Vtec Group’s 3D Panels were used on the feature walls of the hotel restaurant finished in a stunning Copper Bronze Directional Foil.

Manchester Airport Hotel Restaurant

The Radisson Blu Manchester Airport Hotel is conveniently located with direct links to both terminals. It was here our stunning 3D Panels were used in a special paintable foil.