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Create purpose and evoke emotions and lasting experiences

The desire to create impactful interiors has a tougher job of being successful as more considerations influence its positive outcome. Shortages of construction supplies and a constant shift in demand have caused an unstable situation for specifiers and designers looking to source the best product for their design. This can cause unreliability, worry and added costs and time on site.

Textured Wall Panels are a creative and reliable decorative solution for designers with their large panel size and their light weight. They can transform a space rapidly and easily, providing a beautiful tactile appeal with their many finishes and colour palettes. We also support specifiers with creating easy-to-use installation layouts to provide support for the on-site team. This means quicker installation and faster turn-around time for completion.

Produced from original walls with exact natural features, these textured wall coverings contain in excess of 50% natural pigments, oxides and minerals. With their unique appeal, they provide beauty in their colour, special characteristics and patterns. These long-lasting decorative wall panels can be used on almost any type of wall making them a popular choice for curves, arches and other curvilinear areas.

Using a dependable system that combines beautiful textures and colours helps designers achieve the ambience and mood for a space with the right intention.

Benefits of texture

There is the power to influence how an interior affects an occupier with the right balance of colours, material and finish. Textured Wall Panels are a dependable system for creating maximum visual impact.

  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Large Panel sizes
  • Minimal jointing, with no visible repeats and concealed joints
  • Characterful features found in their textured look
  • No hassle of mortar mixing or wet trades Perfect for curves, ceilings
  • Unaffected by moisture Hides the imperfections of uneven walls


Choose between our decorative London Brick, Stone, Wood or Concrete Wall Panels. This curated range, provides mood, spatial awareness, and colour all in one, making it a complete and fully functional system.

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Our Textured Wall Panels resources pages contain all the information you need from technical data sheets to installation guides and videos. Click to explore this digital library to support any specific advice you’re looking for.

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