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Since its foundation in 1990, this steadily growing business has become a leading communication and training platform for veterinary professionals.

To meet its expanding business needs, the company moved to a new, larger office premises and approached an interior design company with a brief of creating a flexible and inspirational office that would incorporate workstations as well as breakout areas and meeting spaces. The finished result is a contemporary, airy and upbeat space, which is also comfortable and very welcoming.

A successful mix of textures, shapes, and colours help to divide the space into zones whilst strong graphics reinforce the branding and create a sense of fun.

Our London Brick white was used in the breakout area to provide a perfect background for the custom graphics whilst helping to create an interesting, yet relaxing atmosphere.


  • Our Texture Panels create instant visual impact helping you to avoid lengthy and messy wet-system alternatives.
  • London Brick White looks great in combination with customised writing, graphics or artwork.
  • Created from original walls, our Texture Panels replicate every feature and detail perfectly to completely capture the character of its origins.
  • Our highly durable Texture Panels are great for creating feature walls and defining zones, with London Brick White, as seen in this project, working extremely well with customised graphics and signwriting.

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