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London Brick Wall Panels in bakery fit out, were part of an overarching expansion project where a successful Shop, Restaurant & Bakery School brand opened a further site in Wembley.

London Brick Dark Grey wall panels were chosen as part of the design for their durability and natural characteristics. Alongside the other wall elements, London Brick Dark Grey helps to complete the natural look in this stylish, industrial space.

A successful mix of textures and shapes complements the natural, industrial elements of the building and helps to divide the space into clear zones, whilst retaining a cohesive feel between the bakery school, shop and restaurant area.

Since 2013, this business has become a destination for Londoners and food fanatics across the globe and is designed to show the public how easy baking good bread can be! The Wembley site is now open and hosts artisan baking workshops.


  • London Brick panels are strong and durable.
  • The use of natural pigments and the moulding process replicate every feature of the original wall to capture the true character of natural brick.
  • A wide range of finishes from Aged White to Multi.
  • Large panel size enables coverage of large areas quickly.
  • Vtec London Brick Dark Grey panels are part of our stunning Texture Range that also includes Timber, Stone and Concrete panels for both walls and ceilings. They are strong, quick to install and can be applied to curved surfaces easily.
  • Superb replication of the original surface and consistently high manufacturing standards make Texture Panels a popular choice among designers, specifiers and business owners.

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