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Making Spaces Matter

Vtec Group is a specialist in supporting the transformation of commercial spaces, providing exceptional wall panels and ceiling finishes, to help your interior provide value and return on investment.

Making Spaces Matter

Architects, Designers and Contractors specify and use our flexible, quick-to-install systems, confident that they will create more appeal and attraction for customers, contributing to a space that meets both the user and the designer’s expectations. Since 2006, we have worked on projects spanning a wide range of industries, complexity, and budget levels.


We help to push the concepts of ideation, by helping clients to stretch their imagination and feel confident in their specifications. Download our company profile to learn more about how we support specifiers, learn how we integrate our systems for high performance and functionality and be inspired by some of the exciting projects we’ve worked on.


Our Values

We are guided by our values that are the cornerstone to our success as individuals, as a team and as a business.


Excellence is the foundation of our conduct and products. It affects all aspects of our business from the creativity of our designs to the construction and finish of the final systems. We aim to be remarkable as clients don’t remember average.


Passion for what we do energises us to go that little bit further. Our buzz is being part of our clients’ successful projects. We are enthusiastic and don’t hold back.


Innovation drives our development of new methods, products and applications. We listen to our client’s needs and create solutions that resolve unanswered questions and technical challenges. We are progressive, not recessive.


Integrity marks every decision we make. We do what we say we will do – we will stand by our promises. We would prefer to turn down an opportunity than to let anyone down. We are upright, honest and do the right thing. We are respectful towards all.


Commitment runs through everything we do. Our team is knowledgeable and able to guide and support clients. We are in business for the long haul and therefore dedicate time, energy and belief to creating long-lasting client relationships. We are not half-hearted.


In addition to supporting our clients we also know how important it is to give back to our community. We are glad to support charities that provide social welfare, battle chronic diseases and mental health issues, and also one of the nation’s favourites – the RNLI. It is part of our long-term commitment to helping vulnerable people access the right support networks.

Click here to learn more about the charities we assist.



At Vtec we are on a journey towards creating a more sustainable environment for both the projects we support our clients with and our people. We recognise the value of sourcing responsibly and do our utmost to follow sustainable practices as far as possible throughout the manufacturing process.

Explore and learn more about our Sustainable Practices and Approach for 2024.

Welcome to Vtec Group

I get a real buzz from seeing the visions of Architects and Designers, and from tailoring our adaptable systems to enable our clients to realise their ambitions.

Amos, Acoustic & Technical Solutions

Once we receive an order I get right into the details of your project. I am the link between the customer and our CAD and Production Teams. My task is to ensure your project experience is as smooth as possible.

Emil, Project Lead & Development

I use my evolving experience and knowledge of the construction industry to support my colleagues in helping their clients create beautiful interiors that are inspiring.

Tim, Direction, Support & Motivation

I love being involved through all the stages of a project. I work with design teams through to installers and use my experience to provide inside into the best way to use our systems.

Steve, Slats Beams & Acoustics Specialist

Every stage of your journey with us must run smoothly. I coordinate many activities to ensure that every project runs efficiently and is then delivered perfectly to get the installation off to a flying start.

Kate, Client Support & Liaison

I am dedicated to building relationships with new and existing customers. I am here to help clients with their needs and find solutions to address them. I love achieving our commitment to matching project requirements with innovative solutions.

Carlie, New Business Development

I listen to our clients’ wants and needs so that I can provide them with the best options. I ensure we issue the most accurate costs to provide the best value from our systems and to help give them a competitive edge.

John, Solution Costs & Proposals

I draw your project in 3D to capture all the details into one model. These visuals and detailed drawings ensure ease and accuracy during the installation process.

Jake, CAD Designer

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for turning innovative ideas into reality, I work on bringing our design concepts to life.

Josh, CAD Designer

My speciality is in handling initial enquiries and developing solutions at pre-tender stage. We know how important it is to ensure correct specifications are incorporated into the design to ensure smooth delivery of the project when it gets to site.

Tarry, Slats Beams & Acoustics Specialist

We love producing wonderful creative outcomes. Accurate reporting and finances are critical to our operations and I love to ensure everything is balanced.

Joni, Finance & Admin Lead

I am committed to driving productivity and quality with our dynamic production team. I enjoy ensuring the efficient creation of our cutting-edge systems so that every completed project meets our high standards.

Sean, Production Supervisor

I aim to communicate how we help to create amazing interiors. I provide assistance to the team for every stage of the client journey by designing the information needed to ensure our customers are delighted and inspired.

Tiffany, Communications & Marketing

Your success is our success, and as all great organisations rely on their internal systems, my vital role is to provide internal support to underpin the company’s operations.

Brad, Operations Support


Every time we phone, we feel that whoever we are talking to is someone who knows what they are talking about… and your service is excellent!

If Vtec said they will be there on the 16th then they will be, and so will I. Vtec is the most reliable supplier I have ever had in terms of delivery.

Your CAD capabilities really helped us on this project – you obviously know what you are doing.

I have to say that the result on site was excellent. Great looking product.

We will be very happy to recommend Vtec. Its impressive stuff, looks every bit as good in the ‘flesh’ and has a service to match!

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We can work with you to help solve the complexities in wall and ceiling systems by providing high performing creative solutions and systems that work! Making spaces matter is important to us! Give us a call today, so we can get started on supporting you and your journey!
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