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When this legendary motorcycle company opened a new showroom, they needed to ensure that the interiors reflected their iconic brand.

As the brand enjoys a cult following that values its strong heritage and lifetime experience, the company puts a lot of emphasis on organising community events, thus the showroom needed to be a lot more than just a point of sale. Effectively, the design recreates the atmosphere of a gentlemen’s club with Chesterfield leather sofas and retro lighting.

To further enhance the experience, the walls were covered with Vtec London Brick Multi panels adding warmth and character.

Having previously worked on projects for this brand, we knew it was important to guarantee the consistency of interiors across multiple locations and our texture panels help to achieve it with ease!


  • The panels are moulded from an original brick wall, beautifully replicating all the characteristic textures and features.
  •  Large panel size and ease of installation mean that big areas can be covered with considerable time and cost savings contributing to earlier venue opening.
  • The durability of London Brick panels helps to maintain interiors in top condition over many years even in high footfall areas.
  • Consistency of our product means that you can install our panels in multiple locations maintaining a consistent brand identity.


“Very pleased with our customer’s reactions to the walls. We moved to our new premises after 23 years in our previous location, that had a ‘worn’ look. We moved into a brand-new building. The walls certainly add a look of homeliness and really helped the atmosphere.”

Regional Manager | Harley Davidson

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