Manchester Airport Hotel Restaurant


The Radisson Blu Manchester Airport hotel is conveniently located with direct links to terminals 1 and 2. Simply step out of the hotel and onto the Skylink walkway, and you’ll be at your terminal in less than 15 minutes.

The hotel restaurant offers both international and regional cuisines, all in contemporary surroundings.

It was here Vtec Group’s 3D Panels in Groove 3 design and a paintable foil finish were used on the walls to help create the contemporary style they wanted.


Product Used: 3D Panels; Design:Groove 3; Finish:Paintable Foil


  • Specific paint finish = a paintable grade foil was used on the panels so these could be painted to match other areas of the restaurant.
  • Highly durable finish = this specific foil was selected to stand up to wear and tear in the high use areas of the restaurant.
  • Discreet Fixing method = no visible fixings and made install very simple on site

All the panels were pre-cut to size, meaning that there was no cutting needed on site, making install times even quicker! This meant the restaurant was able to be opened sooner so there was minimal down time.


Aker Solutions, AIBP

Aker Solutions needed to create impact in various areas of their office complex. Our 3D panels were used - a bespoke design, custom sized and finished in gloss metallic black.

Cookie Shop, Westfield

As part of a roll out programme for the Ben’s Cookies stores, our Metro 1 3D Panels in Gloss White were selected by the designer to create a crisp, bright and clean interior.

Gatwick Hotel Restaurant

Located in the Gatwick Crowne Plaza Hotel, Vtec Group’s 3D Panels were used on the feature walls of the hotel restaurant finished in a stunning Copper Bronze Directional Foil.