Aker Solutions, AIBP

  • Bespoke-3D-Panel-In-Gloss-Metallic-Black-For-Office-Complex-Reception-Corridors-And-Ballustrades-7
  • Bespoke-3D-Panel-In-Gloss-Metallic-Black-For-Office-Complex-Reception-Corridors-And-Ballustrades 1
  • Bespoke-3D-Panel-In-Gloss-Metallic-Black-For-Office-Complex-Reception-Corridors-And-Ballustrades
  • Bespoke-3D-Panel-In-Gloss-Metallic-Black-For-Office-Complex-Reception-Corridors-And-Ballustrades-8
  • Bespoke-3D-Panel-In-Gloss-Metallic-Black-For-Office-Complex-Reception-Corridors-And-Ballustrades
  • Bespoke-3D-Panel-In-Gloss-Metallic-Black-For-Office-Complex-Reception-Corridors-And-Ballustrades 2
  • Bespoke-3D-Panel-In-Gloss-Metallic-Black-For-Office-Complex-Reception-Corridors-And-Ballustrades 5
  • Bespoke-3D-Panel-In-Gloss-Metallic-Black-For-Office-Complex-Reception-Corridors-And-Ballustrades 4
  • Bespoke-Groove-In-Gloss-Metallic-Black-For-Reception-Wall-And-Ballustrade-Front
  • Bespoke-Groove-In-Gloss-Metallic-Black-For-Ballustrade-Front (2)

Aker Solutions, a global oil solutions provider founded in 1841, needed to create an impact in the reception, corridors, dining area and balustrades of their office complex.

Vtec Group’s 3D Panels were used as it enabled the designer to create the exact bespoke look they envisaged and ensured this fantastic design feature flowed across the different areas.


Product Used: Bespoke Design 3D Wall Panels Size: Fully Made-To-Measure Finish: Gloss Metallic Black Foil


  • Made-to-measure panels = ensured the design flowed between panels and meant there was no on site cutting or finishing
  • Highly durable finish = removed wear and tear in high impact areas
  • Bespoke design = allowed designer to create the exact look desired, and ensured effortless integration of the hidden doors

The high durability of the Gloss Metallic Black foil was an ideal choice for use on the walls of the corridors and reception area, where there was the highest exposure to wear and tear.

To work with the contractors, Vtec produced and shipped the panels in 4 phases to fit in with the other works on site, and also provided full technical support and drawings to facilitate an easy install!

Our 3D Wall Panels created durable and outstanding wall features in this office complex.


Slatted Timber Raft at Hanover Communications

By breaking up the zones with our Supaslat 5 feature ceiling, with a stained Redwood finish, the relaxing and collaborative atmosphere of a break out area was enhanced greatly.

Manchester Airport Hotel Restaurant

The Radisson Blu Manchester Airport Hotel is conveniently located with direct links to both terminals. It was here our stunning 3D Panels were used in a special paintable foil.

Kingston University Teaching Spaces

Kingston University London is a public research university. It was here Vtec’s Supacoustic Panels were used to improve the acoustics and control unwanted reverberation.