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A bright contemporary hotel with a geometric beam ceiling design was specified for a new hotel in its large open space lobby, providing an embracing and welcoming appeal for business and leisure travellers. With a fun colour scheme, the expansive space was flanked by beautiful MaxiBeam ceiling designs adding to its quirky sculptural look that highlights the relaxing and enjoyable nature of the hotel.


A large new-build hotel chain wanted to continue its expansion drive within the Irish travel and tourism initiatives at Dublin Airport. The space follows the trend of the chain’s other popular new-build hotels, having large open interiors separated by different zones, each with its own intent and purpose. This open space concept was aimed to encourage connectedness and inclusivity thereby encouraging guests to feel at peace with the soft flowing nature of the space.


The beautiful reception zone sets the look and feel of the hotel with its open lobby concept. This style challenged the traditional set-up of hotel design, instead bringing together under one space the lobby, bar, restaurant and lounge areas. An innovative concept to establish, the need for an aesthetically driven interior framework was needed. Vtec was thrilled to support the designers by helping them create a stunning MaxiBeam interior ceiling that weaves its way around the large space in a beautiful geometric pattern.

The MaxiBeam system was the perfect choice for this ceiling design, offering unparalleled design scope but also half the weight of natural timber, making it an ideal choice for a creative ceiling such as this one! Specified as 100 mm tall x 40 mm thick in Supalami Warm Oak at 110 mm centres, this choice allowed the beams to be an inviting and beautiful focal point in the overall design scheme.

With a project that involved numerous M&E elements and changes in angles, the design was carefully laid out and 3D-modelled by the Vtec CAD Team. This meticulous attention to detail and coordination of integration ensured a seamless and beautiful geometric design. The MaxiBeam ceiling features:


  • 100×40 beams with 110 mm centre beams dropping down the bulkhead
  • Angled turns to the beams as they continue in different directions
  • Beautiful angle ends to provide for the direction changes
  • Columns are Integrated into the design to ensure smooth lines
  • The change in angles created added interest to the space preventing the zones from feeling mundane
  • The inviting design helped draw guests into the area, routing them to the lobby.


With Vtec’s goal of always making installation an easy process for the on-site team, the following items were all included in our comprehensive installation support package:


  • Setting out drawings for the varying angle changes
  • Setting out drawings for the support work
  • An easy-to-understand and fully labelled kit to make sure the installation team had an easy understanding as well as provision of guidelines for every single beam.
  • The MaxiBeam ceiling was installed using the Fixing Cleat system onto the Unistrut – a proven, simple and cost-effective method.



As part of the hotel’s open lobby concept the geometric MaxiBeam ceiling continues, carrying guests on a journey to the bar and restaurant areas. So as not to feel jarring or abrupt the design is a constant flow, brought together with changing angles of the ceiling to act as directional tools, routing guests further into the hotel. The warmth of the Supalami finish in Warm Oak infused the area with a welcoming feeling.


The highlight of the ceiling was its intricate angles and lighting coordination extending across an area of 117m2. Vtec’s CAD and Production Team applied their expert knowledge and 3D capabilities using pre-production modelling to accommodate the building’s change in ceiling height in the design. This also ensured that the MaxiBeam features flowed seamlessly across ceiling areas irrespective of whether there was a plasterboard soffit or the beams were suspended from the concrete slab above. The beauty and finish remained uninterrupted visually, continuing the geometric design perfectly. The fixing system for the dining zone MaxiBeam ceiling was the Fixing Cleat method as it can be used with different substrates.


The focal beams were also carried through to various break-out spaces, meeting rooms and syndicate areas. The ceiling designs in these areas all carry through with the MaxiBeam finish in Supalami Warm Oak which continued to act as part of the hotel’s brand and overall design scheme.

These different rooms showcase key features of how well the MaxiBeam works for creative ceiling design:

  • Stunning angles with mitred joints for a coordinated and clean look.
  • Lightweight and easy to install with the Fixing Cleat method
  • A geometric radial design in the Breakout space – designed and 3D-modelled to deliver a seamless and perfectly integrated ceiling design. This angular design tied together the linear designs of the open lobby area, bringing it all together.
  • Provision for creative lighting to integrate smoothly with the MaxiBeam System.


The new-build hotel with its bright jewelled colours and warm timber tones helped evoke a dynamic and appealing story for the space. With such consideration to the design and the careful approach to wayfinding, Vtec’s MaxiBeam geometric beam designs helped to brighten and enhance this futuristic approach to hotel design and guest experiences!

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