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We can hardly imagine the world of Architectural Design before the use of CAD, particularly because Vtec has taken the opportunity to utilise the technology at our disposal to benefit architects, designers, and manufacturers alike.

The quality of our work as UK manufacturers is heavily reliant on having the right tools and resources. As a result, we are constantly reviewing and upgrading our technologies to meet the needs of our evolving systems and the design industry. When it comes to architectural design accuracy, we believe that 3D modelling is an asset which enhances the knowledge and experience of our CAD and Production Teams.





This starts with our CAD Teams creating a three-dimensional space digitally. Typically, it allows us to create and experiment with our systems through the creation of realistic visuals and simulations. We accomplish this by using specialised software to create 3D shapes from lines and vertices. Our CAD and Production Teams value this as an important step to use for supporting the integrity of the work we manufacture and produce for designers and architects.







  • VISUALISATION – Our modelling processes produces integrated and cohesive designs that simulate a space in 3D, ensuring that what we produce as ceiling systems will integrate with other construction elements including services. During this procedure, we critique and view these digital models with a deeper understanding of design, layout and integration. Prior to installation, our drawing packages can include 3D visualisation of the assembly of a ceiling for enhanced clarity
  • ACCURACY – Because 3D modelling is based on mathematical coordinates, this ensures our measurements are precise. Our architectural products can therefore be adjusted to reflect the exact project dimensions and specifications, to ensure perfect incorporation into the building.
  • INTEGRATION – As solution providers, we understand the importance of a comprehensive strategy for creating unique interior walls and ceilings. 3D modelling provides our teams with an accurate and transparent framework for incorporating any required M&E services into the design.
  • TESTING – Creating a virtual environment allows our teams to do more testing of a design before it is built. This makes it simple to identify and correct any design interface issues.
  • COST-SAVING – One of the most significant benefits of 3D modelling is our ability to create realistic visuals and simulations of interior spaces in order to avoid costly mistakes during the construction and manufacturing processes. Our internal Project Managers consistently give feedback and updates throughout the project journey.







  • COLLABORATION – 3D modelling enables our teams to include information on the location and specification of other elements and fittings communicated from other related parties. This includes M&E consultants in ceiling design to ensure these are incorporated correctly. This provides the ideal way of ensuring any clashes of locations are picked up and corrected at the design stage and are then catered for in manufacture.  By creating 3D models we can easily view the design holistically providing critical feedback and quick decision-making responses. This facilitates project collaboration, resulting in successful outcomes.
  • DETAILING – As manufacturers, we can be precise and accurate down to the smallest feature by creating highly detailed designs!
  • TIME-SAVING – We understand the importance of assisting our clients in reducing lengthy problem-solving time and risk. 3D modelling enables us to be precise and cost-effective in the design of our systems. It allows us to visualise and detail any support works that a ceiling or wall may require which is provided to the installers, avoiding delays on site.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE – 3D modelling provides an accurate ‘picture’ of a project, allowing for more precise costing and measurements. Because our systems come fully factory-finished, with provisions for common items such as lighting, audio, HVAC and grilles, specifiers can avoid costly mistakes during construction.


The use of 3D modelling in architectural design helps us provide technical excellence. From the ability to create precise, testable designs and visualisations, to the cost savings that can be achieved.

Speak with one of our Technical Specialists today to learn how we can help you with your design scheme and provide integration and design solutions.

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