A perfect match

Cork in Raw Bark and Arctic Moss Wall Tiles in May Green for a Boardroom Feature Wall vtec

You know you’ve picked a perfect pair when it ticks so many boxes!


Our Cork and Moss tiles were used to improve a small, but important part of a workspace. This boardroom update needed to tackle a few key issues:

– poor acoustics;

– lack of visual appeal;

– lack of natural light.

Other important criteria for the client were the ease of installation and limited timing.
The right choice of materials helped to achieve the desired results with immediate effects.


Characterful and sustainable – Cork and Moss look great together, recreating the superb natural look and also have biophilic properties promoting occupiers ’wellbeing. Both products have excellent acoustic benefits and help to absorb reverberating sounds. Furthermore – their installation does not require any extensive prepping or erection of substructure.
With so many colour and style combinations, you can use your creativity to design a truly unique feature wall that would reflect the overall space design, add fun and dynamism.
We’ve had great feedback from the client, mentioning immediate improvements in aural comfort, and fantastic textural looks. Although the wall was only small, it is always amazing what a difference adding an interesting finish to even a small feature wall can make – to an otherwise ordinary space.


Cork and Moss is a great combination that works superbly together and does not require extensive prepping or erection of substructure. The tiles were simply installed using heavy duty double-sided tape!
If you are looking for quick, easy and effective interior solutions that also have great biophilic and acoustic benefits, then Vtec Cork and Moss can be the perfect match for you!
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