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The future of successful office spaces has been challenged over the past few years. This seismic shift means that when it comes to office design, key factors like well-being, occupant happiness, flexibility and co-working are serious considerations that need addressing. To achieve these goals, the design elements of an interior need to work harder and reach further.

Designing vertical screens is guaranteed to create more versatility and flexibility in the office environment with minimal heavy segregation. With its bespoke sizing and finishes, MaxiBeam successfully ensures that vertical screens can be beautiful and beneficial, bringing more purpose to an interior.

To understand more, we share three reasons why it’s a preferred choice for specifiers.

Light and Beautiful


Light enough to be carried by a single person, MaxiBeam is supplied with full factory-applied finishes, manufactured to suit your site to avoid on-site cutting or finishing. Therefore, they are easy to install and also incredibly aesthetic, helping to define a space for its occupants intuitively.




Vertical screens are traditionally designed to create flexibility in an open space. But the screens themselves also support this! The advantage is their quick and simple structure, as they can be moved easily to other areas as an office’s needs and wants change and evolve.




Limitless Choices


Have fun and exploit the adaptability of MaxiBeam screens to include horizontally suspended rafts in your designs. Select from our vast array of standard laminates and which suit a wide range of aesthetics or choose a bespoke finish of your choice for creative flexibility. In addition, our laminate finishes available on the MaxiBeam system are washable and wipeable and can include antibacterial properties as well.


Using vertical screens helps to refresh the concept of open plan interiors to be modern and inclusive, while still offering flexibility, privacy and collaboration.


We work with our clients to help push the edge of creative design with seamless and easy installation. We help solve the complexities of wall and ceiling integrations with fantastic and functional systems.

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