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Commercial and Workplace spaces are making a big comeback this year with employers needing to create a highly engaging experience for building users. A key component of any interior that grabs your interest is the most visible element of the space – the walls!

With the current electric pulse in the atmosphere for interiors, we want to share a few unique ideas on how you can add interest quickly, effortlessly and creatively with Vtec’s Texture Wall Panels!

For any project that needs to have quick creative and visual impact, Texture Wall Panels are the answer. Concerns like short time frames and site costs are dramatically reduced when using these Brick, Concrete, Stone or Timber effect panels.

Follow the Brick


Add an element of delight and flair to a minimalist space by a featured brick wall panel. White walls can look beautiful, but extending the design further to include texture in the same tone creates a subtle pop. This helps to elevate the space to one of memorable sophistication.


Into the Woods


Invite nature into the space, it is a guaranteed way to uplift an interior and increase footfall and dwelling time. With Timber wall panels you can easily weave organic and tactile elements into a space, evoking warmth and comfort that offers powerful cognitive benefits.



Transform forgotten areas


Entrance zones, door frames and transition areas all need love to! Adding textured surfaces like Stone Panels with its real life authenticity, acts as a desirous portal of interest. With their large panel sizes the system is easily adaptable and seamless in finish.


Ahead of the Curve


Every surface has the potential to make a beautiful interior perform at its best. Push that desire to make grand and memorable spaces with exciting ceilings and in curved areas. Clients love using textured wall panels on convex and concave curved surfaces and ceilings to establish the intention of a space in bold and dramatic ways.



Express Yourself


Murals and extended graphic elements add diversity to a space. With the longevity of the Panel System, fun, quirky and personal design styles can be added onto the panels. These additional design details add individuality and representation to a space, evoking a sense of uniqueness and surprise. Murals can express nostalgia, personality or even escapism being as edgy and daring as needed.




There are so many ways to add subtle or bold interest to spaces with the use of textured wall panels. Textured wall panels are robust, durable and high quality – they offer a beautiful look, feel and continuity to a space.

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