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With the needs of a space being disrupted by shifting ideas and beliefs, building owners still need a space to function effectively. What we see are large open spaces that are adaptable. But how can designers and architects seek beautiful innovation with their projects? Here are five ideas to bring harmonious design ideas to life!

Float Higher


Bring a user’s gaze higher! You can infuse bold statements and brand personality all in ceiling design. Creativity in ceilings helps support a strong visual and multi-dimensional feel of a space.




Interest, Activities and Opinions – IAO is another word for psychographics! Historically, architectural trends focused on demographic data as a precursor to designing commercial buildings and interiors. This is shifting to take into deeper consideration current social issues. It is a more honest reflection of society and its evolution from a personal perspective. Commercial Spaces now include mindfulness areas, quiet spaces, workout rooms etc. All these evolving interiors are developed around occupants’ life experiences, identity and how they interact in these areas.


Light up!


We know that LED light reveals aren’t anything new, but what is refreshing and modern is the seamless integration of it into your ceilings and wall designs. Lighting helps to illuminate shapes and forms in a space with a sophisticated dramatic look.


Sound Effects


Architectural Acoustics is vital to a space, as it carefully controls and optimises sound comfort. With acoustic walls and ceilings, they can be both decorative and functional in absorbing sound – benefitting users to have a more pleasurable experience.


Off the Wall


Walls are so much more than two lines, they are unique expressions that bring structure and form to a space. Reimagining an interior with walls can offer a protective and inclusive feeling that feels, looks and sounds good.


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