A Luxury Soft Panel Solution

Soft Acoustic Panels in a Cinema vtec



We recently completed a project in Goodman’s Field, in which we were able to showcase our impressive new soft panel system.


The key criteria for our client was to create a luxury look, with the addition of great acoustic performance. They also required a fire resistant solution and one that would be easy to install, we were able to meet all of these demands and are delighted with the finished result.


Vtec were involved extensively in the design process from the early stages right through to completion. This meant we could produce a highly tailored solution, perfectly suited to the aesthetics of the room.



For this design the product needed to be lightweight for use as overhead panels, and required the flexibility of bespoke sizing to enable discreet lighting. In a beautiful suede finish and colour of the client’s choice, the final stylish effect is ideal for the space. The panels were 50mm thick and in the gorgeous M010 colour, sitting harmoniously within the relaxed, contemporary surroundings.


The project highlights the quality of our new panel product, designed for use as wall and ceiling panels or suspended baffles. Whilst it is available in standard lengths and widths, it can also be made to bespoke shapes and sizes, enabling us to create a personalised solution for each project.


From workplaces, to restaurants, hotels, or retail units, this system is fully adaptable to your design requirements, with the additional benefit of reduced and controlled echo. There’s a choice of 32 standard colours, from subtle understated tones to rich vibrant hues, but it’s the unique suede finish that really sets this system apart.


Features: 32 standard colours // Fire resistant options // Bespokes sizes and shapes // Great acoustic performance // 100% polyester core // 25 or 50mm thickness // Hygienic properties // 60% previously recycled


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