*NEW* Guide to using London Brick

Vtec Texture Panels London Brick Aged Red in Shoreditch Office vtec

We’re delighted to share our new guide to Vtec’s London Brick Panel System with you.

London Brick is part of our Texture range; the lightweight adaptable panel system that provides visual style, and can significantly reduce your project install time.

Key Benefits of London Brick

  • Large panel format enables rapid installation – to almost any wall type
  • Produced from original walls to capture every feature perfectly
  • Lightweight at only 7kg/m² – half the weight of brick slips – adding minimal load on structure
  • Durable and robust, yet flexible
  • No cement mixer or wet trades – reduces noise and mess
  • No pointing of individual bricks so no mortar curing time

This guide has been designed to introduce you to the London Brick panel system and take you through the simple steps to specifying, using and installing London Brick.

Our proven system provides flexible wall and ceiling options to suit your project and deliver strong visual impact. London Brick can be adapted easily for different applications and is very effective when used on curves, as shown in this guide.



Texture Range

London Brick is often used in collaboration with other elements of the Texture Range: Concrete, Timber and Stone.

Here is a snapshot of some of our Texture projects:

Texture Panels Financial Institution Sheffield – 22
Vtec Weathered Sleeper Timber Wall Panel- office reception 1
Texture Panels Financial Institution Sheffield - 25
London Brick Multi Texture Wall Panels in Coppergate-House-2
Texture Panels Financial Institution Sheffield – 14
London-Brick-Multi-As-Curved-Ceiling-In-Restaurant-In-Blackfriars-London (1)
Copper Patina 42 London Brick Dark Grey Breakout Area Workspace-12
London Brick White Business Park 5
Vtec Texture Wall Panels London Brick White Business Park
London Brick Shoredich Office
London Brick White Texture Wall Panels for Archie's - 10
Rough-Concrete-And-London-Brick-White-In-London-Food-Outlet (1)
London-Brick-Multi-And-London-Brick-White-For-Pizza-House-In-Victoria-Station (9)



Brick Effect Wall Panels vs. Real Brick

What's the best way to achieve a brick effect wall in a project? The right option depends on what’s important to you in terms of the design, speed of install, whether you wish to avoid mortar mixing or wet trades on site etc. Have a read of this short article for advice.

London Brick at Wembley Shop & Bakery School

London Brick Dark Grey wall panels were chosen as part of the design for their durability and natural characteristics. Alongside the other wall elements, London Brick Dark Grey helps to complete the natural look in this stylish, industrial space.

Brick Wall Panels at Global HQ

This project was a full office redesign at a London HQ, with stunning results. Having visited our Clerkenwell showroom with the end client, London Brick wall panels in Sandy Brown were specified for their strength and natural characteristics - perfect for the social breakout space.