Inspiration at CDW 2019

Vtec Cork wall tiles and preserved Moss wall panels at Clerkenwell Design Week 2019 vtec

As usual, no sooner have we got stuck into the year than Clerkenwell Design Week comes around, and with this year being the 10th Anniversary of the first CDW it is great to consider the growth in importance of this superb event.

This is Vtec Groups 5th CDW event and once again we are introducing new products to our line up as well as improvements to existing ones!


Vtec Cork

Have a look at Vtec Cork cork for further details of this sustainable and characterful addition to our line-up.

  • Beautiful Ambience – choice of tones and textures for various moods
  • Natural and Sustainable product for conscientious design
  • Biophilic and highly characterful – perfect for a feature wall
  • Easy maintenance and resistance to sunlight
  • Flexible– can be cut to shape and installed around curved surfaces
  • Quick and easy installation – simply adhere to the substrate
  • Acoustic benefit – soaks up the sound

Available in 7 different designs, Vtec Cork provides a great choice of textures and colours to create for a variety of moods and is a great partner to Arctic Moss.


The growing popularity of Biophilic design has been successfully used to create some truly inspirational interiors, and we have now added Cork to complement this mode.


Its all about the Lighting!

Have a look at the revitalised lighting from our showroom partner Synergy Lighting. This is ideal for integration with our Supaslat and MaxiBeam products, and also works superbly with the the textures and designs of our walling ranges which are displayed around the space.

Moss Island Moss Spheres Metal Tiles Vtec Showroom Clerkenwell
Maxibeam with Integrated Lighting Vtec Showroom Clerkenwell-1
Maxibeam with Integrated lighting Vtec Showroom Clerkenwell

NEW 3D Panels

Ask our team to see the samples of our New 3D panels, there is far more to them than meets the eye at first glance.