Acoustic Walls – Absorption or Insulation?

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Acoustic Absorption

Echoes and reverberation causes interference to the sound waves in your interior space, which if left unchecked will severely impact on the enjoyment of the occupants. This can be controlled by the use of acoustic walls and acoustic panels which are designed to absorb sound.

Acoustic walls can be highly decorative and contribute to many superb interiors. They can consist of inherently sound absorbent material, or utilise solid materials such as veneered timber-based boards manufactured with perforations. The proportion of perforation and addition of further sound-absorbent insulation behind the panel will also contribute to the capacity of the acoustic wall to absorb sound, thus reducing reflected sound.

This provides greater auditory clarity, which benefits the users and occupants through better perception of the sound, e.g. speech and music. The intended use of the space will influence both the level of absorption required, and where in the spectrum of frequencies it is desired, depending on the usage of the space.

Appropriate levels of acoustic absorption are recognised to be vital to the enjoyment of the working environment, and are also instrumental in helping to contribute to better productivity, reduced staff fatigue and enhanced well-being.


Acoustic Insulation

This is primarily about limiting or preventing the transmission of noise into or out from the interior space, which can be intrusive and distracting for users.

Typically, the design of the building will include consideration of any potential noise sources, e.g. machinery that need control both External (e.g. proximity of roads, railways etc), but also Internal (e.g. Music Venues, Recording Studios) where sound may cause a nuisance to neighbouring locations.


Is there a need for both Acoustic Absorption and Insulation?

Yes! A room could potentially be superbly isolated to reduce or eradicate the passage of sound into or out from it, yet, without effective control of internal reverberation the user experience will still be unsatisfactory at the best and possibly even unpleasant.

Alternatively, the acoustic experience of a room with good control of echoes will also suffer if there is intrusive from noise of machinery from elsewhere.

Therefore, when selecting the right products for acoustic walls it is important to understand both the difference and the connection between these two separate elements of sound control, and to get the right advice.


Vtec are experts in providing modular and customisable acoustic walls and walling systems that provide effective reverberation control to suit your projects needs.

Please contact us on 03307 00 00 30. Our knowledgeable team will help you to:

  • achieve effective reverberation control
  • select the right system – that best suits your design and application
  • Incorporate the right details into your specification
  • incorporate complex integration requirements
  • Achieve innovative solutions to design and installation challenges

We thought it may be helpful to provide a brief recap of our product ranges alongside some examples of how they might be used in your projects.

Slats, Beams and Acoustics

Our proven systems provide adaptable and bespoke wall and ceiling options to suit your project and deliver strong visual impact alongside unrivalled acoustic performance:

  • Slatted timber ceilings and acoustic walls – for wood slatted panel systems designed for efficient installation, choose SupaSlat
  • Acoustic panels – where acoustic performance is key in a functional space, choose Supacoustic
  • Large format beams – lightweight feature beams for strong visual impact, choose MaxiBeam
  • Fabric acoustic panels – make a design statement whilst improving the acoustics of your space, with Soft Panel

Our systems can incorporate access requirements, service integrations, bespoke geometric shapes and angled ends. We routinely collaborate on complex projects and will work closely with you to help solve design challenges that may arise, resulting in a top quality finish, smooth installation and excellent end results. You may find our blog on integrating M&E into slatted and acoustic walls and ceilings helpful.



  1. A high-profile office fit-out project in The Shard featured our MaxiBeam system and Supacoustic panels. These systems allow for excellent visual appeal and acoustic performance combined with being easy to install and flexible to incorporate the specific access requirements.
  2. Large-scale MaxiBeam project in a 3-storey atrium of a university reception.
  3. SupaSlat and Supaline panels were key design elements in this high specification, premium residential development project in central London.

preserved moss wall

Cork, Metal & Moss

In addition to our acoustic systems we have a fantastic selection of decorative solutions . As we now spend a staggering 90% of our time indoors, why not enhance your interior with a rich mix of natural biophilic and versatile elements? Create truly diverse designs that breathe natural life into an interior.

  • Vtec’s Cork and Arctic Moss are both environmentally-friendly products that are responsibly harvested using sustainable practices. They are then preserved to retain their natural characteristics, including acoustic and biophilic properties.
  • Our Metal Tiles range includes 12 fantastic, highly decorative styles in a rich palette of unique finishes, which help you to create opulent atmospheres in a variety of moods.
  • Arctic Moss is available in tiles, islands and spheres in 16 different colours. Be as creative as you like!


  1. This office design featured different sized copper wall tiles to great effect in the social space.
  2. Cork Raw Bark is the perfect backdrop for an informal dining experience at a new restaurant in Notting Hill.
  3. We love the vibrant blues and the mix of cork, soft panel and Arctic Moss in this innovative office project.

cork wall

Texture Panel System

Vtec’s lightweight, decorative wall panels add fantastic visual impact to any project. Choose from:

  • Timber – 11 different designs for just the right look for your project
  • London Brick – a popular choice with 8 designs and colour options in the range
  • Stone – 15 designs with fantastic natural textures whether it’s a layered, rough or canyon design
  • Concrete – 4 designs to choose from for a natural, industrial look with no mixing or drying time

Produced from original walls with exact natural textures and features, Vtec Texture Panels contain in excess of 50% natural pigments, oxides and minerals – in a durable system that is so light it can be used with almost any wall type.

The large panel sizes mean they are rapid-to-install, providing a stunning visual effect very quickly.



  1. London Brick was specified in this office project in central London. The fast-moving project required an adaptable system, suitable for curves – the column in the entrance spaces looks both authentic and stylish, in keeping with the building.
  2. Largescale texture installation at a leisure facility – Installed in many hospitality and retail establishments, they help to create a characterful ambiance in a short period of time.
  3. The office space of a well-known finance leader features a fantastic combination of Vtec Texture Panels and effective use of zoning and lighting across 5 floors, to create a relaxed and playful environment with staff wellbeing at the heart of the design.

textured panels office project

3D Decorative Panels

Made-to-measure 3D decorative wall panels are produced to your exact dimensions and provided in your choice of factory-applied finish to the face and edges. With the ability to use bespoke sizing, finishes and patterns, our 3D wall panels add visual impact to give the space its own identity.

We’ve worked hard to develop a new production method too (patent pending!) which means there is very minimal, if any at all, bowing of the panels, traditionally characteristic with this type of board. This means Vtec 3D panels will sit much flatter than other panels of this type in the industry.



  1. Custom 3D Panels were used in a global office headquarters to create the bespoke look needed, ensuring the design feature flowed across the different areas.
  2. Metro 1 3D panels were selected to create a crisp, bright and clean interior as part of a brand Roll Out Programme.
  3. Groove 3 design and a paintable foil finish were used on the walls at a Manchester Airport hotel restaurant to help create the contemporary style.

custom 3d panels


We’re thrilled to have been involved in delivering some truly amazing projects over the last year. Visit our end of year blog to view a slideshow of some of our favourite projects of 2020. Congratulations again to everyone who delivered successful projects over the last year.

We look forward to supporting you with your specifications, technical challenges and on-site requirements in the coming year ahead.


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