3D Wall Panels create waves


Ocean 3D Wall Panels make waves by the sea

Thinking of visiting North Devon anytime soon? Westward Ho! Is a lovely little seaside village not far from Bideford with some great restaurants and bars overlooking the sea.

You can find Vtec’s Ocean 3D Wall Panels gracing one of the bar fronts there:


3d Wall Panels - Ocean in Satin off White


3D Panel Styles

Ocean is one of 12 different standard styles, comprising a range of groove and geometric patterns. Designs are available in standard and FR class and some designs can also be used on curves.

Our in-house production enables you to customise the design, finish and size of our panels, so if you are after somethign a bit different to make your project stand our, we can also work with you to create bespoke 3D panels.

We can use foils in a variety of finishes: Woods, Metals, Metallics, Leathers, Solid Colours, Textures, Matts and Glosses.Applied to the face and edges of the panels, our superb factory-applied foils provide you with a great looking and durable finish.

Choose your colour with a spray finish. Matched to almost any colour, our spray finish gives you the ability to have your panels in almost any colour. We typically work to colour references such as RAL and NCS, and spray in matt, satin or high gloss onto our factory-applied base layer.

For a different feel, our soft touch finish gives you the option to have the panels in a luxurious soft finish, and can be produced in most RAL references.


Why choose 3D Wall Panels?

Carefully machined to the exact site dimensions, our 3D panels are fully finished on the face and edges with high quality surfaces. This means the panels arrive on site with no need for on-site cutting or finishing, saving time, mess, money and retaining the factory applied surface.

With the ability to use bespoke sizing, finishes and patterns, our 3D wall panels add visual impact to give the space its own identity. You can even add logos too.

Our 3D wall panels are perfect for enhancing the ambiance, encouraging dwell time and footfall, and consequently adding value to the interior and its performance.


Want to make your bar or restaurant project stand out?

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