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When a space is created, its deepest core is at a sensory level as the senses interact in response to the environment.

Listen Up!


Within built environments, sound is often the first introduction to a space. It provides automatic impressions such as Is it welcoming? Is it exciting? Is it subdued? Sound isn’t just about how the occupant experiences the space, but also reveals an understanding of what the function of the space is intended for.

Depending on the social meaning of a space, good acoustics are needed to help occupiers connect with their surroundings as sound energises the physical structure. Aural components like echoes and reverberation can cause interference and impact the quality of experience of an interior. Therefore, when choosing the right system for acoustic walls and ceilings, it’s important to get it right. We help clients select the correct system for their design, analysing beam height, centres and void depths. With our flexible Slat’s, Beams and Acoustic systems, there is a product to suit every project from bespoke to modular. Each range supports strong visual impact and acoustic performance



First Light


When it comes to light, rooms with carefully thought-out lighting systems can make spaces feel friendlier, nourishing and more stimulating. But light also extends to the physical space itself. The interplay of light and shadows define the depth of an interior with volume and shape bringing together the metaphysical and the physical.

Integrated lighting helps to achieve the desired luminance, orientation and distribution as required. This works particularly well in high-level ceiling designs to help form a truly creative look. Produced to individual requirements the MaxiBeam and SupaSlat systems create the ideal backdrop for integrated lighting. With our detailed 3D modelling we can ensure a seamless approach to combining all the finite details, taking the brain pain away and allowing the focus to remain on the design itself!

What makes architecture last is not the grand size of a building or space, but rather a thoughtful multi-sensory approach.

The overlapping of senses and consideration for light and sound helps to nourish the success of a space.


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