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As building services have become increasingly complex and designs more creative and adventurous, it can be a real challenge to ensure that the finished result of the ceiling is worthy of the the creative vision. We highlight some of the main problems that Architects & Designers face – and installers later in the process.


    1. Poor integration of M&E and other services within the ceiling
      How will the Air Conditioning Units fit? And the lighting? Can sprinklers be accommodated? And are there AV requirements? Will they clash with the ceiling components?


    1. Lack of access to ongoing maintenance
      The removability of ceiling panels is crucial for future cleaning, inspection and maintenance. Failure to anticipate these positioning can lead to expensive adjustments at a later date. This can be further exacerbated if the precise location of these points is unknown, with no contingency plan put in place.


    1. Poor interface with other building elements
      Today’s fast-track projects can require the ceiling system to be ordered for manufacture before the partitions are even up. This can lead to poor connections between other items and messy details at ceiling perimeters.


    1. Lack of adaptability and flexibility system for specific site conditions
      Beautiful buildings deserve beautiful ceilings, and creative designs often lead to irregularly shaped ceilings on plan, soaring levels, curves and other features. All these can make the use of an inflexible system impractical, difficult and costly.


  1. Absence of close communication with manufacturers
    When queries arise during the Design Stage, it is vital to be able to talk to the manufacturers to enable specific demands to be accommodated in the manufacture of the ceiling system. This must continue through the detailing phase, and then once the project is on-site. It is a real hindrance if a direct conversation cannot be had with the manufacturers themselves who can bring their expertise to the table to enhance the experience of the site team and installers.



    1. Seek Technical Specialist support to coordinate and integrate
      With rapid turn-around completion dates, ceiling systems are often ordered for manufacture before the partitions are even up. Coordinating the information and details for the various elements involved (for example ceiling, partitions and M&E) can be a time-consuming task for busy designers who are already deadline pressured. Our technical team will absorb the information from the various disciplines involved and include them in a detailed plan.


    1. Ensure design hurdles are met with the best technology
      Our CAD Teams, 3D model complex wall and ceiling projects to spot and resolve any clashes before they become a problem. It helps improve the quality and precision of the design, ensuring easy accessibility. 3D Modelling allows us to collaborate more efficiently with the design team, reducing errors and erroneous costs.


  1. Have a dedicated Project Manager in-house at the manufacturer
    For large-scale wall and ceiling projects, having the dedicated support of a Project Manager is the best way to keep a project on target while also listening to and supporting you. Our internal Project Managers are an integral part of the process, who will guide you through your entire journey from order and design to production and delivery. They continuously communicate and give feedback, giving peace of mind that your system is in safe hands and comes to you easy to install.

Do any of these issues ring a bell with you? Why not contact us today to see how we can help you overcome these and other problems to ensure the perfect realisation of the vision?


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