Timber slat ceiling at a charity headquarters, using Vtec's Supaslat range vtec


Wood is loved for its natural charm and warmth of appearance. Used in conjunction with our slatted wall and ceiling systems you have a winning combination of beautiful natural appeal plus rapid installation, including full and easy access to services and acoustic performance where required.

Supaslat modules are simply and rapidly installed – just select whether you want our Screw Fix, Lift and Shift (installed entirely from beneath the ceiling line) or Drop-In Tile method.

Add to this a wide variety of finishes (including solid colours) and designs, FR, Acoustic and Bespoke options, and you have all you need to create truly amazing and unique slatted wall and ceiling interiors of superb quality.

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Our flexible system is tailored to suit your site requirements.

Simply consider :

  • How your ceiling or wall is constructed
  • What access requirements you have
  • Where you want concealed fixing locations

Then select from a range of simple and rapid to install systems:

Screw fix

Modules can be either concealed/ discreetly fixed or visibly fixed for removability with a screwdriver, suitable for a variety of substrates.

Lift and Shift

Modules simply engage into a T-24 exposed ceiling grid from beneath, to enable easy access to the entire ceiling.

Drop-in Tile

Modules are dropped into T-24 ceiling grid.

Our Technical Team will be delighted to assist your slatted wall or ceiling application to ensure you get the optimum benefit of the system.




  • Solid timber options produced in a wide variety of wood species
  • Other options: veneer, laminate distressed or painted finishes
  • Modular systems for rapid installation
  • Screw-fixed or in suspended ceiling grid
  • FR and acoustic options
  • Fully finished to avoid on-site cutting and finishing
  • Optional concealed fixings
  • Optional concealed full access for services
  • Vast range of real wood slats available
  • Sizes, materials and finishes tailored to suit your wall or ceiling design
  • Bespoke or exclusive options for both slatted walls and ceilings


  • Education

  • Food on the go

  • Hotels

  • Leisure & Entertainment

  • Offices

  • Public Buildings

  • Residential

  • Retail

  • Wine & Dine

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SUPAWOOD’s market-leading Australian range of decorative timber acoustic wall and ceiling panels are now manufactured in the UK – great news for UK Specifiers and users!

VTEC’s alliance with SUPAWOOD UK enables our clients to benefit from Local manufacture and Global expertise on our vast range of great looking and highly creative systems that provide

  • quick lead times
  • acoustic excellence
  • a fantastic range of finishes
  • design flexibility
  • slatted ceilings with full access
  • various cost level

Available Styles


Vtec's comprehensive finishing solutions provide you with a fantastic spectrum of colours and effects. Our factory applied finishes give so much more than “just another covering" and leave you with hundreds of options to choose from to create something truly different for your clients.


When a timber slat project requires a rustic weathered effect finish, we produce the slats out of solid timber with a lovely distressed finish. Available in various colours, including white, white washed, and clear lacquer.


For projects that require a Solid Timber finish, we can produce the slats from beautiful solid timber in many different species so the finish can match other surfaces as required.


Matched to almost any colour, our spray paint finish gives you the ability to have your slats in almost any colour. We typically work to colour references such as RAL and NCS, and spray in matt, satin or high gloss onto our factory-applied base layer.


Where the project requires a Natural Timber finish, we can produce the slats in many veneer species so the finish can match other surfaces, as required. We can stain the slats if required to achieve the right look.


Applied to the face of the slats with matching edging, this laminate provides you with a great looking finish without the cost of solid timber veneer. Available in a variety of finishes, including Woods and Solid Colours.

Standard Supalami Finishes:

Please note that images shown are only indicative of the finished product. We reserve the right to alter specifications and details without notice. For more information or to request a sample, please contact us.



Lounge in Gatwick Airport

Highly functional and elegant Vtec Supaslat Acoustic Panels were fitted in a Lounge of Gatwick Airport, helping to recreate the ambience of a New York Loft

Class A Office building

This Office Centre, located in a conservation area of Bristol, was renovated using the top-of-the-line materials and fixtures amongst which our Supatile Slat take a prominent place.
Finished in Dark Wood Effect, they crown elegantly the Vestibule area, leading the way to an impressive Atrium with a living wall. Positioned against the vibrant greenery, the dark slatted timber ceiling completes an illusion of outdoor living.

South Coast Offices

Supaslat slatted timber panels for walls and ceilings were chosen for this High Tech Office to create a coherent theme throughout the building.
Finished in American Ash with Oak stain lacquer finish, our slatted wall and ceiling panels created a clean, modern look with a touch of the fashionable Scandinavian feel.

Superb Gym Facilities

This dynamic ceiling graces the gym area of a superb purpose-built facility, designed to train and develop students to the highest potential and to cater for elite performers from around the globe. As well as stipulating future access to the services above, our client also wanted their brand identity to be incorporated into the ceiling.


When designing the Headquarters of a large Water Services business, the designers were briefed to create a visually appealing and enjoyable break out area. Supaslat was used with a custom “water ripple” design to reflect the client’s core water delivery business, and was installed with a concealed fixing system.