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This high-rise, high-end residential development in Manchester city centre is home to over 280 splendid apartments, all boasting exceptional finishes and fittings throughout.

The impressive double-height lobby and 24-hour concierge service emphasise the atmosphere of exclusivity. Flanked by the glass wall on one side and a soaring stairwell with wooden balustrades on the opposite side, the foyer feels luxurious and welcoming at the same time. This was further enhanced by the Vtec SupaSlat acoustic timber ceiling, finished in warm walnut tones.

Besides stunning looks and acoustic benefits, Vtec SupaSlat ceilings are great for integrating lights, air vents and other services, making them an ideal choice when you seek to create a sophisticated and functional design.


Product Used: Solid Walnut Supaslat 4 with acoustic backing in clear lacquer finish

How did our Supaslat help this project?

  • Visually stunning wooden ceilings helped to create a warmer and more luxurious atmosphere;
  • Vtec's extensive selection of finishes ensured that we could produce the ceiling in a finish that perfectly complimented the other elements of the overall design;
  • Our unique fixing methods ensure easy installation and provide permanent access to all services

Making a great first impression is vital for any premium residential, hospitality or office development. With Vtec’s wide-ranging choice of wall and ceiling products, you can create unique interiors that reflect the superior quality of your scheme. Browse our projects for inspiration or call our expert team 03307 00 00 30 to discuss your project.

Upscale home development

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