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  • Vtec Supaslat 6 slatted ceiling for a Premier Mortgage Broker
  • Vtec Supaslat 6 timber slatted ceiling for a Premier Mortgage Broker 5
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London’s fastest growing Premier Mortgage Broker – Capricorn Finance, recently carried out a refurbishment of their head office. Our Supaslat 6 ceiling modules were used in the office upgrade to create Spectacular Visual Impact.

In a Solid Redwood with Natural Stain Finish, the Supaslat modules were installed in a specific angled layout in the reception and auditorium areas.


Product Used: Supaslat 6 in Solid Redwood with Natural Stain Finish


  • - Made to Measure = Ensured that it fitted without effecting existing services
  • - Bespoke or exclusive options = The panels were fashioned into bespoke sizes to allow for the specific angled layout on the ceiling
  • - Fully Finished to avoid on-site cutting and finishing = The panels were able to be installed quicker with minimal snagging

Vtec Group produced and shipped the products in the tight timescales making sure the panels were on site in time for the contractors.


Alpha FX

Alpha FX is a corporate foreign exchange specialist helping its clients control the impact of currency volatility. It was here our Supaslat was used on their office upgrade.

Slatted Timber Raft at Hanover Communications

By breaking up the zones with our Supaslat 5 feature ceiling, with a stained Redwood finish, the relaxing and collaborative atmosphere of a break out area was enhanced greatly.

York University Lecture Theatre

Established in 1963, the York University has grown increasingly, and is now covering a wide range of subjects. Our Supaslat 4 has been used on the ceiling of the lecture theatre.