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House development industry is booming and as the number of developments continues to rise, so do the customer expectations. Smart developers know that to stay above competition one needs to be able to offer more than a standard finish and keep abreast of interior design trends.

With thorough planning and clever use of finishes, you can still demand top price for your development without making a hole in your budget.

This lakeside apartment development is one such example of successful application of materials that create a luxurious look with minimal effort.

The designers of this project chose to specify our Stacked Timber panels in brown FR finish for the lobby, thus setting the tone as you soon as you step in. Installed on both sides of the lift, our Timber panels replicate beautifully the natural timber, adding a warm rustic feel to the property. Paired with integrated lighting – enhancing the details, they create an impressive focal point, drawing the visitors in.


  • Authentic natural look – Our timber panels are moulded from the original wall, preserving all the natural wood texture and details.
  • Cost saving – advantageous purchase, installation and maintenance costs compared to real timber.
  • Easy to install and hardwearing –– a perfect choice for high footfall areas.
  • Our Timber panels range includes multiple colour and finish variations, designed to enhance the atmosphere of your interiors in the most efficient manner.

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