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A new entertainment hub had a bold and striking creative design brief. The Vtec Team swung into action, by providing beautiful feature beams created using our MaxiBeam system to add to its uniqueness and modernity. The new leisure centre located in North of England was being developed with an aim to bring excitement to family entertainment that encouraged playfulness and happiness.

The colourful design spec incorporated a mixture of 90’s trends blended with 60’s retro vibes. The colour scheme is a hark back to the nostalgia of 90’s and 00’s millennium energy with its neon pinks, bright turquoises and metallics. This was offset by complimentary bright reds and greens in the various gaming zones.

Playful circular and triangular shapes are used throughout the interiors acting as graphical elements, as a homage to all the fun that is mini golf! With such meticulous attention to curating the space, this was extended to the suspended ceiling design. Vtec were specified for creating this ceiling with our MaxiBeam System. This was the perfect choice to use in these areas for a few important reasons:

  • The MaxiBeam system beams are light enough to be carried by a single person!
  • It is the ideal choice for creative walls, feature beams and ceiling designs.
  • There is so much flexibility with bespoke sizing and finishes that it offers unparalleled creative scope!
  • Manufactured to suit your site there is no on-site cutting or finishing.

The majority of the MaxiBeams were manufactured in a crisp white FR Grade laminate, which contrasted wonderfully with the perimeter beams, which were finished in a Class 0 FR Lacquer finish colour-matched to the client’s corporate logo. Due to the creative shapes, the design was modelled in 3D with careful attention to the integrated lighting that complimented the MaxiBeam ceiling design. The lights could not clash with the ceiling beams, so the Vtec CAD Team worked with the Lighting Contractors to ensure integration was seamless and easy.


During the 3D Modelling process, every single beam was taken into consideration along with their positioning and angle. Accuracy was important, both in the drawings and site dimensions for precise manufacturing.


After the fabrication of the beams, the Production Team went through a rigorous process of laying it out in the factory to ensure everything connected easily and perfectly. This was an important step in the manufacturing process to eliminate any issues for the installers at the production stage.

Vtec also provided the installers with a robust information package with detailed drawings for installation. For this creative ceiling, the drawing package included:

  • Reference numbering and sequential labelling of beam installation
  • Set out lines with step-by-step instructions
  • Easy language for installers to understand quickly how the integration worked

The ceiling was fitted up to a black coloured MDF raft which provided a consistent surface to fit the beams to. This discreet raft also masked the ceiling structure and support work above it. With a detailed design that incorporated several sized shapes, the Vtec Production Team carefully took into consideration every beam size, dimension and integration by 3D modelling and factory modelling to help reduce any time and confusion on site.

With such a dynamic and fun scope for this project, the MaxiBeam system with its creative feature beams helped to uplift the experience customers had, encouraging increased footfall and more importantly enjoyment of an interior!

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