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This expanding business offers their clients a varied selection of serviced offices in some of the top locations of London, and recently upgraded one of their existing premises, elevating its status.

The stylishly transformed interior includes new striking entrance with an imposing column, clad in Vtec London Brick Multi Texture Panels, echoing the fantastic brick exterior of the building.

Flexible, but strong and durable, our panels impressively repeat the curvature of the column, creating an extremely realistic brick wall render.

Elsewhere in the revamped areas, London Brick panels were used for feature walls, seamlessly formed around the existing shapes and pillars to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


  • London Brick Panels are strong, and durable, yet can still be flexed to an extent for use on curved surfaces.
  • Large panel size enables coverage of large areas quickly.
  • The slim profile helps to retain valuable floor space.
  • The use of natural pigments and moulding process replicates every feature of the original brick wall.
  • Vtec London Brick Panels are a part of our Texture Range that provides high durability, and ease of installation and can be applied to curved surfaces. Superb replication of the original surface and consistently high manufacturing standards make Texture Panels a popular choice among designers, specifiers and business owners.

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