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Behind an imposing building façade and a global reputation of a finance leader hides an office space that is amusing and playful.

The first hints of this are experienced in the lobby, where staff and visitors are greeted by an impressive wall, clad in Vtec’s Quarry Stone Dark Grey panels and embellished with shaped elements of Moss inserted intriguingly into the walling.

Through the 4 upper floors, the fun elements continue, from widely varied shapes, textures and colours of the private booths to a pink-lit, almost theatrical passage.

The culmination of this design concept can be observed in the 5th-floor restaurant. The buffet area has been enhanced with London Brick Multi, creating a colourful contrast to the clean and crisp finish of the food counter. And potentially less desirable seating area away from the windows has its own superb appeal with the help of Stacked Timber Dark Grey panels, trailing plants and neon lighting, infusing it with a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.


  • The deep character of the selected Texture panels invites the creation of extremely distinctive moods, helping to make the design truly unique.
  • Texture panels look great in combination with any lighting, furniture and fixtures.
  • Large panel size means minimal jointing, assisting quick and easy installation with the flexibility required for recesses and returns.
  • This deviation from traditional corporate design provides a huge sensory appeal. With the latest design trends swaying heavily towards staff well-being, this project is a great example of employee’s mood and happiness being given as much consideration as the functionality of the space.

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