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The UK’s most exclusive and largest bungalow provider was at a pivotal point in their journey where a completely refurbished space was needed to tell the story of their growing business.

Vtec was excited to support the designers as they looked to specify a premium and modern ceiling beam design with the MaxiBeam system.

The entire design brief was a sophisticated one using several art deco inspired elements against a rich cobalt blue backdrop accentuated by cool silvers and golds. Nestled in the cosy surroundings of Hampshire, the design scheme helps refine the space to be a memorable one.


The ceiling in and around the interior was designed to carry occupiers on a journey between spaces. Ceilings are oftentimes a favourite part of an interior that gives the wow factor from an aesthetic point of view, but is also incredibly functional. The MaxiBeam system was chosen for the 1st and 2nd-floor ceilings. Tying into the art décor characteristics, the design features streamlined and sleek forms. MaxiBeam is all about high levels of creativity meeting high-performance levels. The system adds real interest to walls and ceilings without expensive and complex structures.

Specified in White FR Laminate, the ceiling beams were 39mm x 85mm tall – a bespoke depth to the beams. The decorative ceiling was coffered, creating a sunken rectangle in the space. The Vtec CAD and Production teams took this feature into consideration by ensuring:

  • Provision of M&E elements into the 3D modelling to ensure accurate precision of integration
  • Bespoke beam heights to coordinate correctly with the inlaid ceiling.
  • Integration of both coffered ceilings and columns into the drawing designs to make certain that both elements were carefully attended to.
  • Tailored drawing and installation kits for the on-site installation team.

For installation of the MaxiBeams, the Click Fix System was chosen due to its easy installation with the option to fully remove the beams for access to the above M&E services.



To complement the coffered MaxiBeam ceiling system, a featured wall was specified in a customised size of 39mm x 42mm tall. The finish was also in White FR Laminate. The beauty of this MaxiBeam feature wall is that the beam faces like all our systems were fully finished in production, ensuring there was no on-site cutting and finishing. This made the installation teams’ job much easier, with the system being fully designed, coupled with a complete drawing kit that included instructions for each part of the specification. This was also installed with the Click Fix System making the beams fully removable.

The MaxiBeam system is designed to be lightweight and easy to install with a focus on creativity This meant that the designers felt assured and safe in their concepts being delivered beautifully and accurately. Vtec was incredibly happy to support this luxurious fit-out with a modern ceiling beam design!

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