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The Imperial War Museum in London is the first in a family of five sites in the UK that are devoted to preserving and documenting the history of armed conflict around the world.

A collection of military objects, important historical documents as well as personal belongings of the men in action tell a dramatic and moving story.
A part of this important collection, dedicated to the War in Afghanistan was depicted through a display of photographs and personal items, with that campaign’s context being provided by the Vtec’s Rough Concrete Texture Panels. The display needed to be freestanding, three-dimensional, and able to incorporate multiple niches, containing documents, photographs and screens for video projections.

This meant that the choice of Vtec’s lightweight but robust Texture panels ensured that this impressive freestanding display could be quickly and safely constructed without erecting an expensive and permanent substructure, which would potentially alter the architecture of this important historical building.


  • Rough Concrete panels created an impressive backdrop for the collection, perfectly capturing the mood.
  • The panels were easily cut and assembled on-site, allowing for a quick and cost-effective erection of the display without any specialised equipment or tradesmen.
  • The adaptability of the rough concrete panels enabled easy integration of cut-outs for audio-visual elements and power, with an attachment of display features too.
  • The finished lightweight display allows for easy repositioning or modification over the years in response to the changing needs and expanding collection of the museum.
  • Vtec Texture Panels are highly characterful, allowing you to capture a variety of moods across many diverse environments. With our consistent finish, you can add to the initial install years later or replicate the look across multiple locations achieving a long-lasting, harmonious atmosphere.

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