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Clerkenwell, London’s creative district, is a bustling and vibrant neighbourhood where designers, showrooms, architects, and creative thinkers come together to collaborate and create stunning interiors.

In Clerkenwell, a commercial office furniture and equipment showroom elevated its space by utilising the area’s walls and ceilings, creating a welcoming and enjoyable ambience to display its products in a true context. Highlighting these areas introduced more fluid and vibrant ways of coexisting soft and tactile furniture textures and surfaces with rich slats, beams, and acoustics.

The result is a stunning contrast of eclectic colours and finishes.

These one-of-a-kind systems are ideal for demonstrating how interior wall and ceiling systems can interact with other elements, resolving common M&E issues such as lighting integration and installation concerns.



Three floating rafts were designed to encourage focal points within the space and act as gentle wayfinding methods.

  • The MaxiBeam raft is Chevron-inspired, with featured factory-applied angled ends. MaxiBeam rafts finished in Light Oak laminate are ideal for use in imaginative and geometric designs and layouts, as well as shaped rafts.
  • With their opposing dark and light hues, the two SupaSlat rafts stand out. The styles are in SupaSlat 4 with a black timber-grained laminate finish. SupaSlat 5 is made of solid ash wood with a clear lacquer finish. The rafts are an ideal focal point in co-working spaces because they easily integrate creative lighting and are suitable for large-scale ceilings. Both come with our premium acoustic backing in Budapest Black for improved sound control. The installation is screw fixed to a suspended sub-frame.
  • The Bold Stripe perforation pattern on the Supacoustic featured ceiling is finished in matt white laminate. The design serves as an excellent sectioning method, elegantly dividing the open space. Supacoustic is a beautiful acoustic system with high performance.
  • The MaxiBeam baffles complete the high-level areas of the showroom by adding depth to the ceiling. The MaxiBeam baffles finished in bespoke matt lacquer and RAL 7016 (Anthracite Grey), create drama on ceilings with a simple and easy-to-install suspension method.


Walls are among the simplest and fastest ways to transform an interior. It is an excellent method of communicating how a space should feel and be used from the perspective of the occupier. Eight different wall styles were chosen to add to the eclectic vibe of the design.

  • A SupaSlat featured wall – The slats, designed as SupaSlat 4 panels and finished in oak timber with clear lacquer, add warmth and subtle beauty to the space. It is installed using our Click Fix system, which makes it easy to remove panels for future access and maintenance. It is designed as a modular system for quick installation. Our premium acoustic backing in Budapest Black was chosen for increased sound control.
  • Texture Wall Panels in Weathered Sleeper Oak and London Brick were used to refresh the space and cover the areas quickly and easily on three walls. Because of their lightweight and durability, texture wall panels are ideal for creating seamless walls with minimal joints.
  • The meeting room is framed by texture wall panels in Modular Concrete and Strata Black. These panels made installation simple because there was no need for mortar mixing or wet trades.
  • EchoTone, an environmentally friendly lightweight acoustic absorber, is used as creative walls in and around the meeting room. With inclusive acoustic support, the designs add vibrancy and playful colour choices to the interior.


Interior spaces can communicate, inspire, and engage people. The showroom exemplifies an expressive meeting place for designers, serving both purpose and function.

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