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This cosmetics salon in the heart of Dublin provides 100% cruelty-free, vegan, natural products and treatments.

The premises were destined to have various uses and functions, providing a diverse selection of treatments ranging from massages to Henna Body Art. Its configuration did not lend itself well to partitioning, hence the final design introduces different materials to break up the space and create different zones.
The front of the store features London Brick Multi wall framed by trailing ivies which serves as a great backdrop for the neon-lit logo.

The look was completed with our MaxiBeams which run along the length of the store ceilings, their wood effect finish adding warmth. The Beams provide an attractive solution for integrating the lighting as well as reducing the feel of the height of the ceiling, contributing to the overall cosiness.


  • Using multiple products from the same source enabled trouble-free staged deliveries of materials in sync with the installation.
  • The various textures helped to define the zones without physical divisions.
  • Our products are hardwearing and easily maintained, reducing the need for future replacement or refurbishment, saving cost & store downtime.

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