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This stunning ceiling soars over the restaurant area of the HQ of this well-loved charity. Acoustic performance and visual beauty were pre-requisites for this project, and the challenge of the intersection of the ceiling plane and the angled walls adding a unique twist to the requirements – every one of the several hundred panels was, in fact, unique.



  • Modular system for rapid installation
  • Bespoke panel shapes for the complex roof shape and angles
  • Fully finished to avoid on-site cutting and finishing
  • Integral acoustic textile
  • Concealed fixings
  • Integrated face fixing of lighting
  • For this design, we used Supaslat – Vtec’s lightweight and Quick-to-install slatted panel system – which provided the desired appearance and the necessary integrated acoustic performance. Incorporating both the efficiency of a modular principle and the benefits of flexibility needed to cope with the changing angles at the interface of walls and ceiling.
  • Vtec’s product Supaslat 4 met the various demands and constraints achieved a beautiful and inspiring result, and was simply attached to the substructure above.

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