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Our client was engaged to carry out a major office fit out that revolutionised the workplace experience. The end client, a global tech company with a deep-rooted legacy had a specific design concept in mind. It involved the seamless merging of their own identity and the historic location of the workspace. These two separate creative viewpoints needed to identify with the space to tell the combined story of the brand and the history of its location.

The workspace covered 283,000 sq ft over 12 stories. This large space included cafes, event spaces, gym, childcare rooms and other social hubs. Importantly, there were also 3 main requirements – agile spaces for flexible working, collaborative working and individual work. It was also important for the end client that both the occupier’s and visitors’ experience be carefully considered in the design planning.

Overall, the design had a natural colour palette that was complimented with pops of colour in homage to the heritage of the brand. Each floor maximised natural light with external views acting as backdrops and focal points to the overall space.

Vtec Group were specified in this BREEAM Excellence-rated workspace, and was delighted to assist the architects in achieving their vision of a positive workplace experience.





In the leisure café area, Vtec’s SupaSlat system was specified. With the modular slatted wood panel system, perfect coordination was needed in the corner details where the panels join in for a seamless approach. This was achieved by coordinating with the contractors to ensure the build of the partition flowed with the correct size of the wall and space. To maintain the pristine accuracy of the design, attention was also paid to all the fine details. Bespoke end cap details were used to ensure a perfectly neat and smooth approach to masking the void behind the panels. The panels were finished in RAL 7000 – Squirrel Grey in FR lacquer with black acoustic backing.

To ensure easy installation, a full drawing package was included, highlighting details for the corners, ends, junction details as well as providing set out locations for the split battens.




This spacious meeting area was designed for intentionally large gatherings, product launches, lectures and guest speakers. Continuing with the neutral and soothing colours the SupaSlat wood slatted system in Solid European Oak (with FR lacquer and black acoustic backing) was used to create a modern but inviting space for occupiers.

There were several areas that needed careful attention, such as a concealed door at the Stage. This was reviewed and carefully designed to fine tolerances so that the slats did not conflict with the door edges or hinges, making certain the door could open and function correctly and easily as well as accommodate the handle and lock. For the area surrounding the AV Screens, focus was given to these areas creating precise cut outs for easy installation of the devices.

The column, like the door was also treated with perfect integration. The Vtec Production Team reviewed the depths of the cross battens, making certain that the panels aligned correctly and that the pattern repeat worked across the different elevations. This was important in order to prevent half slats, or slithers of slat’s from occurring. Other beautiful points that were considered were bespoke corner pieces to conceal the panel joints as well as the panel laps. This contributed to the slatted wall being elegant, providing a perfect visual effect.

To make installation easy and to give the contractors the support and confidence, the Vtec Team provided detail drawings with exact instructions. This was done to help support the install team with careful set up, along with details on pivot points so nothing binded or catched. Cross section details were also included so they had a full view of how the installation would look.





Not only did the interiors have special attention and care in the design process, but the interior ceiling designs were also carefully curated. Each level had unique ceiling and lighting incorporated into the design creating an innovating interior.

The first ceiling located in one of the agile meeting areas is a central and dominant element of the space against the backdrop of floor to ceiling glass windows. Vtec’s MaxiBeam System specified in the design as 150mm tall MaxiBeams at 150mm centres. MaxiBeam was the perfect choice for this creative ceiling due to its lightweight and unparalleled artistic scope. Using a Unistrut support work this allowed for infinite configurations and adjustability. Finished in White FR Laminate, the system was designed with perfect coordination of the lights, to ensure the entire ceiling was approached seamlessly and holistically. Like all our Slats, Beams & Acoustic Systems, the MaxiBeam ceiling was made to include the bespoke curves. Therefore, there was no cutting or adapting on site, but instead made to measure.

For installation, the click fix installation method was used for easy removal of the beams. 3D Drawings and set up drawings were provided with special attention to the curved aspect of the ceiling. The Vtec Production Team issued these support work drawings so that there was considerate communication with the installers to understand how easy and seamless the system was to install.





The second ceiling was designed for a transition / reception zone space. The design complimented the framed edging of the office spaces, adding depth and mood with the taupe soft furnishes and deeper tonal shades. Like the agile space, this ceiling follows in a similar shape, but with a different finish. The MaxiBeam system was also chosen for this area, not only for its bespoke and exclusive options but due its fully finished face and bottom edge.

Attached to Unistrut support work which provided flexibility and adaptability, the MaxiBeams were manufactured to fit the space precisely, with attention and focus on the curved area and lighting integration. The curved points were meticulously designed, achieving the exact points precisely to guarantee the shape was maintained and seamless.

The system was finished in RAL 7010 – Tarpaulin Grey with FR lacquer. Being factory finished with no on site cutting required, this ensured that the FR performance was not compromised as there was no adapting or cutting on site. Detail drawings were also provided with set out positions for the support work and curves.


With several large spaces that had unique and detailed bespoke systems, our Production Team worked closely with Vtec’s internal Project Manager to accommodate every specific requirement. Liaison with the designers and the contractors provided support throughout every step of the project journey. This helped to ease the brain pain and eliminate risk of costly problems by creating a flexible design based on our proven MaxiBeam and SupaSlat systems to assist in the creation of a revolutionised workplace experience.

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