Maxibeams provide the WOW factor…


This welcoming reception area of a major UK university was graced with a bespoke curved reception desk. The architect contacted Vtec, who were able to achieve the designer’s intent, using this as the inspiration to create a unique feature ceiling to bring the design to an even higher level. The creation of a dramatic raft with a stunning 550mm tall curved frontage called for a flexible system, and one that could also incorporate provision for lighting. The solution? The Vtec Maxibeam system.


The Supaslat Maxibeam is a lightweight and quick to install large section beam system, used to create a superb and imaginative ceiling feature without the need for a complicated structure.



Variations in length, depth and direction enabled these beams to provide unparalleled creative scope and were produced to the project’s unique requirements and dimensions. Bespoke lengths allowed us to produce this flowing curve dropped raft, and with no on-site cutting or finishing necessary, installation was a breeze. This curvature is also utilised in the ‘RECEPTION’ lettering which was positioned on the end of the beams, thus appearing differently from all angles. The power was routed to the letters through integral conduits.


This important entrance space needed to really define the identity of the university. The natural finish of the beams ties in perfectly with the woodland feature wall and earthy colours. The beams draw your attention towards the bright and contemporary reception desk, and extend out into a seating area that is now both a relaxing space and also visually interesting for visitors to enjoy while they wait.



The integral lighting provision provided the final finishing touches. The use of these carefully placed bursts of light is highly effective, contrasting beautifully with the dark ceiling underneath and the interesting shadows created between the beams.

This versatile and visually stunning product met the various demands and constraints of the project. The finished impact of this entrance as a whole is truly inspiring!


Is your interior design project in need of a visually stunning wall or ceiling feature? Find out more about the Maxibeam System here.