NEW Product: Introducing MicroSlat


Having carried out successful pilot projects, we are delighted to announce the public launch of MicroSlat – our newest addition to the Slats, Beams and Acoustics range!

MicroSlat joins the wide variety of proven wall and ceiling solutions already provided by Vtec Group; from decorative texture and biophilic finishes to beautiful slatted timber and high-performance acoustic panel systems.

MicroSlat sits closely alongside the SupaSlat System in the slatted range, and is already proving to be a cost-effective alternative to solid timber SupaSlat, where budgets necessitate.


MicroSlat is the modular slatted wood panel system that offers the visual appeal of timber slats with cost-effective finishing options and rapid installation, including access to services where needed and acoustic performance.

The MicroSlat system is a lightweight, modular system that is easy to install and can be fastened to almost any type of common substrate. As well as looking great, it provides a range of beautiful finishes and acoustic benefits.

MicroSlat panels are very light, designed to be simple to handle and easy to cut to shape and size on site by one person. Extra tall panel heights mean increased coverage and fewer joints – excellent end results for projects that want the feel of quality and visual appeal of real wood but without the cost.


  • Flexible, modular slatted wood system for rapid installation
  • Standard panel heights of 2400 x 600 or 3000 x 600 for increased coverage
  • 11 standard configurations for excellent design inspiration including FR options
  • Lightweight system that is easy to handle and adapt on-site
  • Sizes, materials and finishes tailored to suit your design
  • Cost-effective functional solution for cost-sensitive projects without compromising on looks
  • Easy to adapt and install – either screw-fix or simply adhere to the substrate
  • Available as FSC® / PEFC™ certified. Please talk to us about your specific requirements prior to quotation.



Our knowledgeable team will help you to:

  • Specify the right solutions that best suit your design and application
  • Submit the most effective tender applications by providing clear technical data
  • Understand any complex technical considerations within your design
  • Incorporate complex integration requirements
  • Achieve innovative solutions to design and installation challenges


Slats, Beams and Acoustics Range

Our proven systems provide adaptable and bespoke wall and ceiling options to suit your project and deliver strong visual impact alongside unrivalled acoustic performance.

We can incorporate access requirements, service integrations, bespoke geometric shapes and angled ends. We routinely collaborate on complex projects and will work closely with you to help solve design challenges that may arise, resulting in a top quality finish, smooth installation and excellent end results. Check out our blog on integrating M&E into slatted and acoustic ceilings for more information on integration.

Here’s a reminder of the full Slats, Beams and Acoustics range to help you specify the right products in your designs:

  • Slatted timber ceilings and walls – for wood slatted panel systems designed for efficient installation, choose SupaSlat
  • Modular slatted system – cost-effective solution designed for quick and easy install, choose MicroSlat
  • Acoustic panels – where acoustic performance is key in a functional space, choose Supacoustic
  • Large format beams – lightweight feature beams for strong visual impact, choose MaxiBeam
  • Fabric acoustic panels – make a design statement whilst improving the acoustics of your space, with Soft Panel

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