How to use Brick Panel Effect Systems

Vtec's London Brick White at Archie's Restaurant Liverpool vtec

Our London Brick Panel System is lightweight and adaptable and provides incredible style with rapid installation benefits. London Brick panels recreate the popular textures and features found on original walls and contain in excess 50% natural pigments, oxides and minerals to ensure a natural look and feel is captured.

So how can you transform a space using these texture panel systems?


Here’s 8 ways you can use them in your designs!


1. A Timeless Feel

Ever popular, the brick interior is an integral part of many iconic interiors. The many versions of London brick enable the creation of a wide spread of moods – from Heritage to Loft to Contemporary.

London Brick Effect in White


2. Stunning Feature Walls

With our durable panel system, its textured walls can be used from large scale projects all the way to feature walls (perfect for combining artwork and style for an ‘insta-worthy’ interior).

London Brick Effect in White


3. Large Wall Areas Quickly

The large panels (covering approx. 4.2 m2) enables rapid coverage of considerable wall areas. This is ideal for fast-track projects but also for venues where they need to be installed outside of opening hours – often overnight!


4. Vaulted Ceilings

Our textured panels can work anywhere! Due to their light weight, they can transform the visual appeal of curved ceilings.

London Brick Effect in Multi


5. Stunning Curves

Covering curves is easy. The brick panels can offer great results for such creative opportunities and can be used to grace great features and eye-catching commanding structures.

London Brick Effect in Multi


6. Short and Sweet

Because it is lightweight, requiring minimal structure to fit to and is quick to install, London brick can prove to be the ideal solution for non-permanent structures. We have enjoyed supplying our system for award-winning displays and exhibition installations.

Vtec Texture in Rough Concrete Effect


7. 4th Floor?

Who wants to use heavy materials on upper storeys when there is a beautiful and lightweight solution available? At approx. 7 to 8 Kg/m2 the London Brick panel system is sure to be a fraction of the weight of a solid alternative. As an example, brick slips can range from 27 to 34 Kg/m2.


8. A solid look on a light weight frame

The system is so adaptable it can be installed to all common construction substrates – without requiring extensive support structures.


Some more features



The minute details such as corners and reveals are seamless and formed simply during installation.


Due to the unique manufacturing process, the brick panel systems come with concealed joints thereby making installation quick.


You can save time and cost instantly. The texture panels are light weight and need no further structural support.


Because the brick panels are produced from original walls, each feature is captured perfectly.


The panels are adaptable and accommodate further creative development through murals, logos, graphics or signage.

London Brick Effect in Multi



With our texture panels, you have a compliment of tactile appeal coupled with low maintenance and installation costs. Download our London Brick wall effects panel brochure to learn more or give us a call today so we can help you get going.



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