Texture Wall Panels

Vtec’s lightweight textured wall panels add fantastic visual impact to any project (sometimes even overnight!) with brick, concretestone and timber effect panels.

Produced from original walls with exact natural textures and features, they contain in excess of 50% natural pigments, oxides and minerals – in a durable system that is so light it can be used with almost any wall type.

The large panel sizes mean they are rapid-to-install, perfect when you want your wall up and the tills ringing again in record time!

Our tactile panel designs provide impact in your environment, creating beautiful and inspiring spaces where your customers will enjoy spending time. We have proven that an attractive and welcoming space will encourage footfall, customer engagement and subsequently your bottom line.



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Texture wall paneling is ideal for just about any application where you need a great surface finish on the walls or ceilings – on almost any type of structure.

Food on the go, Hotels, Retail, Restaurants, Offices and Leisure & Entertainment are all areas that the system excels in.


With our panels, you avoid all the hassles associated with heavy materials – difficult handling, messy processes, noisy mixing and lengthy installation.

The installation is simple. We provide all the support you could need for your on-site team, including panel layouts to optimise panel usage and maximise efficiency.

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Minimising a location’s down-time is essential in commercial projects.

Increasing occupant satisfaction is also important in helping increase footfallproductivity and revenue.

Why not have a beautiful brick or concrete wall installed in record time with the venue operating sooner and a quicker ROI – the end result is a happy client!

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For product specification, visit Texture Panels Data Sheet Page

For Maintenance Guidance, download Texture Panels Cleaning and Maintenance Guide