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  • Acoustic Soft Panels Cinema
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  • Acoustic Soft Panels - Cinema
Vtec Acoustic Soft Panels in a Cinema vtec

This private cinema in an exclusive London residential development demanded nothing but the best in terms of interior finishes. That requirement, plus the fundamental acoustic performance needed for this application, made Soft Panel in suede finish the ideal solution. This is a great example of the flexibility of our system which was made to sizes suited to the cinema, achieving a superb look and experience for the cinema users.


Product Used: Soft Panel in Suede Finish M10


  • Colour selected from 32 standard colours
  • Fire resistant option was required
  • Bespoke sizes and shapes to suit the cinema dimensions
  • Great acoustic performance
  • 50mm thickness
  • Hygienic properties
  • 60% previously recycled

For this design the product needed to be lightweight for use as overhead panels, and required the flexibility of bespoke sizing to enable discreet lighting. In a beautiful suede finish and colour of the client’s choice, the final stylish effect is ideal for the space. The panels were 50mm thick and in the gorgeous M010 colour, sitting harmoniously within the relaxed, contemporary surroundings.


Alpha FX

Alpha FX is a corporate foreign exchange specialist helping its clients control the impact of currency volatility. It was here our Supaslat was used on their office upgrade.

Slatted Timber Raft at Hanover Communications

By breaking up the zones with our Supaslat 5 feature ceiling, with a stained Redwood finish, the relaxing and collaborative atmosphere of a break out area was enhanced greatly.

York University Lecture Theatre

Established in 1963, the York University has grown increasingly, and is now covering a wide range of subjects. Our Supaslat 4 has been used on the ceiling of the lecture theatre.