Vertical Screens in Corporate Office Design


We are already seeing signs of a change in thinking behind office interiors. We foresee an increase in the use of design elements in the corporate office to support the introduction of measures required to minimise the risk of virus transmission, as discussed in our post: 10 Ways That Office Design May Change.

There will be a greater need to ensure social distancing is respected so there’ll be increased margins between work stations and walkways. Unless there is some physical measure to ensure this, the risk is that this will not always be upheld. Occupants will not want to see the introduction of visually heavy segregation so we are anticipating an increase in the inclusion of Vertical Screen Beams in this application.

MaxiBeam Screens for Effective Zoning

Why not consider vertical screen beams? Typically MaxiBeam screens are used as an attractive design feature to subtly define zones within open-plan spaces, so they lend themselves to the creation of increased free space zones around staff whilst still being light on the eye and attractive.

MaxiBeam screens are ideal for use to maintain zones or social distancing and they can also incorporate clear elements to provide protection against sneezes or splashes to guard against airborne transmission while providing the beauty of the slatted screens.


Vertical MaxiBeam Screen
MaxiBeam - Horizontal Screen 3
Vertical screen beams for zoning a breakout space, in a commercial office
MaxiBeam - Horizontal Screen 1
Vertical MaxiBeam Screens Office


Vertical screen beams can aid a quick and simple restructure, without the costly and time-consuming need to completely rethink or rebuild. One great advantage is that these are very simply installed so the position is not “set in stone” forever, but can be moved to changing requirements within the office with minimal disruption.

In addition to this, finishes available on the MaxiBeam system are washable and wipeable and can include antibacterial properties as well to assist companies in reducing the risk of spread of infection.

Employers will be considering the proximity of persons within the office, and we anticipate a reduction in the density of the workspaces. This is not all bad news for the employer as it is well known that enhanced environments greatly contribute to increased productivity and less staff turnover, so there is a fantastic opportunity for great interior design to further develop the occupier experience and contribute commercially.





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Relaxing Oasis in the middle of the workspace

Clever use of our MAXIBEAMS allowed the design team to create a distinctive space that doesn’t feel isolated. Seamlessly flowing from floor to ceiling this elegant yet functional screen forms a relaxing space in the middle of high traffic zone.

10 Ways Office Design May Change

Angled Ceilings and Bespoke Design at The Shard

This high profile project in The Shard was a complete office fit-out. The modern design featured Vtec’s MaxiBeam system and Supacoustic panels. These ceiling systems allow for excellent visual appeal and acoustic performance combined with being adaptable and easy to install.