#Project30 – Client Showroom


London Brick Multi for Bespoke Timber Windows & Doors Showroom

Here’s some photos sent by the client of the completed showroom with our London Brick Multi installed on the walls.

With limited timescales, our Panels were the ideal choice for them to get the showroom open as soon as possible.

The large size of our London Brick wall panels means they are very quick to install, and by getting the project finished earlier, the Return On Investment is realised sooner!

Our London brick wall panels are perfect for enhancing the ambience, encouraging dwell time and footfall, and consequently adding value to the interior and it’s performance.


#LondonBrickPanels - Site Access Solutions!

Tapas Bar, Blackfriars

Camino is a Spanish Tapas Restaurant & Bar in Blackfriars. It's here that our London Brick Multi was installed on the curved ceiling of this restaurant creating a fantastic feature.

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