#Project28 – Curved Supaslat?!


Bespoke Supaslat 4 Modules for Music College…

Our Production Team are currently working on another batch of Bespoke Supaslat 4 Modules in American Oak.

This time the panels are being precisely made to be fitted together for a bespoke raft to be suspended from the ceiling between student work pods.

Our panel systems are designed for quick and uncomplicated use on site, where rapid and straight-forward installation is crucial. These panels will be sent with detailed fitting plans to ensure a smooth install.

Here’s a few more photos of the modules:



Hannover Communications

By breaking up the zones with our Supaslat 5 feature ceiling, with a stained Redwood finish, the relaxing and collaborative atmosphere of a break out area was enhanced greatly.

#ProjectShots - Bespoke Supaslat Finish