MicroSlat FAQs

Like the look of our MicroSlat, modular slat wood wall system? Read our FAQs to find out if they might be right for your upcoming project.


The MicroSlat system is a lightweight, modular panel system for walls and ceilings. Panels are made from high quality MDF with a laminate, veneer or lacquered face finish. Premium grade Acoustic Backing is integrated behind the slats.

Choose from 11 standard designs, including FR options and a range of finishes. Slat widths are 30, 50 or 70mm with spacings ranging from 10-100mm. MicroSlat Product Names show the slat width first, followed by the spacing (mm), as below:

  • MicroSlat 30-10
  • MicroSlat 30-45
  • MicroSlat 30-70
  • MicroSlat 50-17
  • MicroSlat 50-25
  • MicroSlat 50-70
  • MicroSlat 50-100
  • MicroSlat 70-16
  • MicroSlat 70-30
  • MicroSlat 70-50
  • MicroSlat 70-80

Please view the Technical Data Sheet and Specification Guide for full details.

Standard panel sizes are as below (mm):

  • 2400 x 600
  • 3000 x 600

The extra tall panels can often achieve floor to ceiling coverage in a single panel which eliminates horizontal joints for quick installation.

  • Panel thickness for 12mm Standard Grade slats with nominal 12mm Acoustic Backing is approximately 24mm.
  • Panel thickness for 8mm FR Grade slats with nominal 12mm Acoustic Backing is approximately 20mm.

MicroSlat panels are lightweight, designed to be simple to handle and easy to cut to shape and size on site by one person.

  • Standard Grade panels range from approximately 6-12kg/m²
  • FR Grade panels range from approximately 5-10kg/m²

Please view the Technical Data Sheet for full details.

Vtec's comprehensive finishing solutions provide you with a fantastic spectrum of cost-effective colours and effects. Our factory applied finishes give so much more than “just another covering" and leave you with hundreds of options to choose from to create something truly different for your clients.

  • SUPALAMI: High quality, realistic, economic, hardwearing laminate finish. Available in a variety of finishes, including Woods and Solid Colours. View the standard Supalami finishes >>
  • SUPAVENEER: Beautiful natural timber veneers with a high quality, clear lacquer.
  • SUPACOLOUR: High quality spray-applied lacquer matched to almost any colour eg. to RAL or BS references, in a satin, gloss or matt finish.

The standard core colour is black for both non FR and FR products. Other colours are available upon request. Please talk to us about your bespoke design requirements

Yes. MicroSlat is available in Standard Grade (Non FR) or FR Grade (Euroclass B) Materials. Please check sizes for your required option.

Yes. MicroSlat panels are backed with Acoustic Backing Board (nominal 9mm thick in Budapest Black, 12mm thick in all other colours) to help absorb unwanted reverberation. Acoustic Absorption varies according to absorbing material, slat sizes, slat spacings and slat depths.

For improved acoustic performance, create an air gap behind the panel, and for ever further improvement add rockwool insulation. Please speak to our Technical team for details and acoustic test data.

Standard acoustic backing is Budapest Black or a range of 25 other colours. Download the Specification Guide for colour choices.

Yes. The MicroSlat system integrates easily with access and service requirements, such as:

  • Access hatches at specific locations
  • Hidden doorways
  • Lighting
  • HVAC grilles
  • Smoke detectors and sprinklers
  • AV screens and cabling

Please speak to our Technical team if removable panels are required for access to behind.

Yes. MicroSlat has been designed to be quick and easy to install.

It is supplied as modular panels, fully finished, which are then discreetly installed. Panels are lightweight and easy to cut on site if needed and they can be fastened to almost any type of common substrate.

  • SCREW FIX:  Modules can be either concealed / discreetly fixed or visibly fixed for removability with a screwdriver. MicroSlat modules can be fixed to a variety of substrates via Timber Battens / support work systems (eg. Unistrut or MF top hats).
  • ADHERE:  Modules can be secretly fixed with suitable adhesive

Yes. We are FSC® certified (FSC® C160047) and MicroSlat is available as FSC Certified. Please talk to us about your specific
requirements prior to quotation.

Yes. We are PEFC™ certified (INT-PEFC/COC-002119) and MicroSlat is available as PEFC Certified. Please talk to us about your specific
requirements prior to quotation.

They are virtually maintenance free but can benefit from dusting or vacuuming with soft brush attachment if you wish. Do not clean the panels with a damp or wet cloth.

  • Always wear correct PPE when handling, cutting, drilling or working with building materials.
  • Always fasten each panel safely.

  • Always store the panels in a dry environment
  • Never lean up against the wall; always ensure they are stored flat with consistent support throughout the panel
  • Always carry vertically on their edges, never flat
  • Always protect decorative faces during storage or handling
  • Observe safe working practice and manual handling procedures


If you have any unanswered questions after reading our MicroSlat FAQs, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you and provide a tailored quote.