Texture Wall Panel FAQs

View FAQs for our popular texture wall panel products (brick, concrete, stone and timber panels).


Our unique Texture panel system is extremely adaptable. Add fantastic visual impact to any project (sometimes even overnight!) with brick, concrete, stone and timber effect panels. The large-format panels enable quick coverage of a large area, which can significantly reduce time on site.

  • Large panel format enables rapid installation - to almost any wall type
  • Produced from original walls to capture every feature- over 50% natural pigments, oxides and minerals for perfect texture
  • A wide range of styles with 38 different texture designs - choose from brick, concrete, stone or timber panels
  • Seamless finishes from wall to wall with minimal, concealed joints so ideal for brand roll-outs
  • Lightweight at only 7kg/m² - adds minimal load on structure
  • Durable and robust, yet flexible
  • No mortar mixing or wet trades so reduces noise and mess
  • Available in standard and FR grades

Most designs are approximately 3.3m x 1.3m depending on the pattern, with some exceptions that we can advise at quotation stage.

Approximately 7-8 kg per m² depending on the style selected.

The panels are approximately 4mm thick on average and they take on the relief of the original material which averages approximately 25mm depending on the pattern.

Full product information for our Texture Range can be found by viewing the texture data sheets.

We are glad to assist you with internal applications but do not supply texture for external use.

Please provide us with the dimensions of the area you wish to cover and our Technical Department can produce a panel layout scheme to quantify this, and also to assist your installers on site.

They are produced from original walls with exact natural textures and features. Approximately 50 to 55% of the content is natural minerals, oxides and pigments which provides the superbly natural feel and look.

The high strength and robustness is provided by the inclusion of glass reinforced polyester which also allows it to flex. The lightweight but durable panel system can be used almost on any type of structure, providing a very natural looking texture effect – whether that’s timber, brick, stone or concrete – that is easily adapted to suit your design.

No, we provide detailed instructions to the installers and offer our support to ensure your panels are fitted successfully on your project. Our natural effect texture panels are hugely popular and have been successfully installed on a wide range of projects. We don’t have specific Approved Installers for our products. Having provided a vast number of projects with different contractors nationwide, please contact us for potential installer contacts if required. Please speak to our technical department for further assistance regarding installation.

Yes – very! The large panel sizes mean they are quick to install compared to more traditional methods, perfect when you want your wall up and the tills ringing again in record time. For example, you can cover a large area of wall in a single night shift if required, enabling the store to trade uninterrupted during the day. The result is that your interior is up and functioning very quickly.

In simple terms, the panels are screw-fastened to the substrate. Joints and fixing locations are then disguised with the compound and colours we supply. We send a detailed installation guide with full instructions alongside your order.

Typically the level of skill possessed by a good tradesman (such as a shopfitter, joiner, carpenter, tiler) will ensure successful installation of panels. We provide detailed instructions and indicative panel layout drawings to the installers as well as offering phone support, as required, to ensure your panels are fitted successfully on your project.

Our texture panels can be fastened to masonry walls, wooden or timber-based boards, stud partitions…. In fact, almost any common wall substrate will be suitable.

Yes, common methods of cutting include angle grinder or mini-grinder with diamond blade, jigsaw or table saw. Doorways and returns can be easily incorporated with our adaptable panels.

Nearly all panels are designed so the features meet with those of adjacent sheets. Please contact our Technical Department for specific advice for your design.

Yes. They can be curved to fasten to a curved substrate with ease. Please speak to our Technical department for advice.

Although the panels are fine in a moist environment they should not be exposed to regular or direct water (e.g. showers, splashbacks). Please contact our technical department regarding your application.

They are virtually maintenance free but can benefit from dusting or hovering with soft brush attachment if you wish. They can be wiped with a damp cloth.

They can be cleaned with water, and if required add a weak soap solution. Do not use detergent or abrasive cleaners.

Standard grade panels are rated as achieving Class 3. The FR grade panel is to ‘Euroclass B’ standard. This grade of panel has been accepted for use in sensitive areas such as airports, railway stations etc. You can find it, for example, at Gatwick, Stanstead, Victoria Station and Harrods in London. Please see our FR data sheets for details on FR tests.

They are very robust, but can easily be repaired or altered if necessary using the same techniques and processes as the original installation.

Yes. They can be removed and re-installed elsewhere using the same techniques as the initial installation.

They are self-coloured so will generally only require painting of any joints or fixing positions to blend in to the rest of the panel. However, if you wish to paint them for emphasis or to a different colour they can be over-painted in internal applications.

We work hard to ensure as much accuracy as possible. However panels can vary from panel to panel and between batches due to the variable content of the product. Please note that due to screen resolution issues the colours shown are representative only.

Accurate colours are produced by means of a combination of mineral pigments, which are incorporated into the surface to provide long-lasting colour. However, colours can fade especially where exposed to direct sunlight and UV. Should it ever be necessary, panels can be re-coloured.

Yes, we are happy to send out samples for finish approval and hold readily available examples of our full texture range. Please give us a call to talk through your requirements so we can send you a bespoke sample pack.

Always wear correct PPE when handling or working with building materials.

  • Always store the panels in a dry environment
  • Never lean up against the wall; always ensure they are stored flat with consistent support throughout the panel.
  • If carried flat by 2 persons, ensure they support the panel diagonally opposite 1/3 of the way in from the end to minimise flexing.
  • Always protect decorative faces during storage or handling
  • Observe safe working practice and manual handling procedures.


If you have any unanswered questions after reading our Texture Wall Panel FAQs, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.



Please note that, due to the natural elements used in creating texture wall panels, colours may vary between panels and batches, and images of the product are only indicative of the finished product. We reserve the right to alter specifications and details without notice.