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New Hotels, Residential Developments or Office Premises desire to be beautiful and comfortable to its occupants.

But how do you ensure you merge function and most importantly the right style and tone in these spaces? Here are 4 guaranteed ways to create memorable entrance zones that leave visitors feeling excited, and impressed and support the purpose of the building.


1. It’s High Time


Entrance Zones are the first area a visitor sees. In large spaces, features like glass walls and intriguing ceiling designs, encourage the feeling of free-flowing movement and space. Using height to your advantage, allows you to create visually stunning first impressions and provides the opportunity to include a ceiling system with additional practical benefits such as easy integration of lights and services.



2. Built to Last


To make a dramatic first entrance, combining durable construction and bold creativity are important considerations. Vtec’s MaxiBeam lightweight beam system includes antimicrobial laminate finishes, supporting better hygiene and minimal maintenance. With creative feature beams and unparalleled design scope, no part of the design process or concept is compromised. For a modular slatted wood-style panel system, SupaSlat is a popular choice for designers wanting to combine natural charm, warmth and beauty with incredible visual appeal.


3. Stand Out

This is the time to ensure efficient communication of brand identities, along with any subtle messages or emotions that need to be evoked. Whether you want to promote a premium development, allude to environmental issues or just create a sense of fun, materials can help to reflect the company ethos, style and personality. Texture panels are a great option, with a choice of Brick, Stone, Concrete or Timber panels. These lightweight wall panels help establish a space to be anything from warm and soulful to quirky and vibrant.



4. A Room with a view


Reception areas aren’t just waiting zones anymore. Instead, we see them as now multifunctional spaces for both visitors and colleagues. Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in these zones with relaxation zones, innovative seating arrangements and screen partitioning to ensure a more flexible space that suits a variety of functions. MicroSlat a cost-effective modular panel system enables quick and beautiful installation of ceilings, suspended rafts or walling systems to achieve enhancing these areas to be more multipurpose.



Overall, a successful reception zone design will convey a story that is cohesive with the brand and type of business. With our carefully curated selection of decorative and architectural solutions, we can help you create distinct and memorable interiors that will evoke an emotional response without overwhelming visitors with a plethora of branding paraphernalia.

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