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When it comes to sourcing the right specification for an interior architectural design project, it can feel difficult to find the best system that checks all the boxes. Juggling client expectations, and the perceived risk for complex projects such as service integrations and access requirements whilst maintaining high quality in both the detailing and the level of innovation is challenging.

MaxiBeam is a lightweight beam system that meets the evolving needs of specifiers, supporting both visual style, integration and acoustic absorption. With its high-performing hollow-core, bespoke and factory-applied finishes, MaxiBeam defines an interior. It contributes to creating impactful aesthetics that add value to both the built environment and its occupiers.

Discover seven major benefits to using MaxiBeam in your specifications today!

    MaxiBeam is approximately 50% lighter than solid timber beams. This makes it much easier to work with, maintains the integrity of the design and only minimal framing is needed. This means that special engineering framing isn’t needed, which therefore keeps budgets manageable without compromising the visual impact.
    Due to its engineered form of construction, MaxiBeam is inherently stable and balanced, making it resistant to warping and bowing. This enables specifications to include beautiful timber finishes whilst avoiding the downside of movement that can be a problem with solid timber.
    MaxiBeam gives you the best version of architectural feature beams. They are UK-designed and manufactured in our Cornwall factory which allows us to create and deliver exceptional, factory-finished bespoke designs. The system typically comes in individual lengths of up to 3m and can be produced to deliver ultra-length beams which are ideal for large-scale designs that require maximum visual impact.
    We know as designers it is important to maintain a competitive edge and that usually means exploring new design ideas. MaxiBeam helps push creative boundaries with its flexible tailor-made shaping and bespoke beam sizes. Create an incredible design with curves, spirals and geometric designs.
    MaxiBeam is safe, non-toxic and non-irritant. As such, no maintenance is needed apart from an occasional dusting. Our Supalami laminate finishes have been tested successfully to ISO 22196:2011. This standard finished score confirms the surfaces have a strong antibacterial effect. This is easily highlighted in hygiene settings like clinics and hospitals where this is critical. MaxiBeam makes the entire process of creating a beautiful design less worrisome as there is no need for detailed maintenance and cleaning.
    A common question we get asked routinely is whether MaxiBeam allows for access to all services, particularly when it comes to ceiling designs. Our systems have been designed to be adaptable and flexible to the needs of specifiers looking to achieve the highest quality for both product and value. Innovation is part of the DNA of the MaxiBeam system and our CAD and Production Teams model complex designs in 3D. We understand the importance of assisting our clients in reducing lengthy problem-solving time and risk. 3D modelling enables us to be precise and cost-effective in the design of our systems. Maxibeam comes fully factory-finished, with provisions for common items such as lighting, audio, HVAC and grilles.
    As part of our client services, a fully comprehensive production package is created for each project as part of our holistic and 360 approaches to every client that we work with. This includes Project Management, 3D Drawings and Installation and Set-out Drawings. Our aim is to ensure when your system comes to your site, it is ready to install – avoiding on-site cutting which saves time and waste as well as preserving factory finishes. To achieve that and to make it easy for the on-site build team, we create detailed installation drawings to make the process straightforward and simple to understand.


Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can transform your projects. Speak with one of our Technical Specialists today to learn how we can help you with your design scheme and provide integration and design solutions.

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