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The evolution of commercial spaces has been significant and diverse, with changes occurring over time in response to a variety of factors. Some of the main reasons have been, shifts in economic conditions, technological changes, and societal trends. Balancing creativity, commercial success, and viability has become more difficult.

Transforming interior architecture walls and ceilings can help you stay ahead of the curve as designers strive to put more effort into the user experience. MaxiBeam, a lightweight feature beam system, strikes the right balance of innovation and practicality.

Here are four unique ways MaxiBeam adds creativity to interior design and architecture and how you can use it to create ground-breaking work.



1. Outside the Box


MaxiBeam is designed to highlight and allow unusual shapes and forms to stand out in interior architecture. Our systems all provide for M&E integration and are bespoke manufactured in our factory. Organic ceiling designs with staggered repeats, vaulted or coffered ceilings are easily achievable.


2. Inside Light


Highlight focal points such as a statement wall or ceiling using lighting to create drama and excitement. MaxiBeam integrates with all lighting features, allowing the design’s physicality to complement its increased luminosity. Integrating both specifications results in a much more cohesive and seamless appearance.



3. Beam Pattern


Geometric patterns in the built environment create subconscious balance and unity. The strength of these designs is the way they entice users to enter a space. With this visual balance, designs can become incredibly impactful. MaxiBeam supports any necessary integration needs, achieving a seamless beam pattern design.


4. Sound Check


Create beautiful interior walls and ceilings that include the necessary acoustic treatment for a space. Designs can be elegant, bold, and out of this world while still providing comfortable sound that orients in a space.


Define, Design, Deliver.


MaxiBeam makes it simple to manage complex and unusual projects, as well as timelines and quality of specifications. We collaborate with our clients to help them push the boundaries of creative design with seamless and simple installation.

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