Metal, Moss & Cork

We now spend a staggering 90% of our time indoors.

Therefore, improving health and wellbeing is an increasingly important design consideration. The benefits of biophilic design are widely recognised – we benefit from connection to nature and organic materials. So, why not enhance your interior with a rich mix of natural and versatile elements?

Our range originates from versatile natural materials, enabling you to enable you to create truly diverse designs that breathe natural life into an interior.

  • Vtec’s Metal Tiles range includes 12 fantastic, highly decorative styles in a rich palette of unique finishes, which help you to create opulent atmospheres in a variety of moods.
  • Vtec’s Cork and Arctic Moss are environmentally-friendly products that are responsibly harvested using sustainable practices and then preserved to retain their natural characteristics, including acoustic and biophilic properties.

Designed for easy installation, Vtec’s Cork, Metal and preserved Moss ranges can be put into place extremely quickly enabling the transformation of a space in minimal time.




Please click on the images below to see the full range of Cork, Metal and Moss designs available.



Because of their versatility, high visual appeal, biophilic and acoustic properties among other characteristics, our Cork, Metal and Moss can be successfully applied in almost any environment – Restaurants, Hospitality, Retail, Workspaces, Leisure & Entertainment.

Designed to promote wellbeing

The natural origins of these materials, ensure they are perfect when you are promoting biophilic design in your projects! They require minimal maintenance, look stunning and deliver this important connection with nature. Besides biophilic benefits, Vtec Cork and Moss are great sound absorbers and are perfect for rapid changes without needing to carry out an expensive refurbishment.

Ease of installation

At Vtec, we pay particular attention to ensuring that all of our products are easy and straightforward to install and this range is no exception. Bring an exceptional biophilic design to life overnight!


Minimising a location’s down-time is essential for commercial projects.

Simply talk to us about your requirements and biophilic design ideas – we will get involved as early as you wish, to explore the potential options for your concept.

Once you decide on the product, we work with you all the way from initial quotation to delivery and can provide layout drawings and technical support.

Our comprehensive installation guides and support information enables your chosen installers to perform on-site with the confidence that they will create yet another great interior.

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Reception Feature Wall in Vtec Forest Bark - Cork wall panels