Slats, Beams & Acoustics

Our proven systems provide adaptable and bespoke acoustic wall and acoustic ceiling panel options to suit your project and deliver strong visual impact alongside unrivalled acoustic performance:

  • Slatted timber ceilings and walls – premium, bespoke wood slatted panel system designed for efficient installation, choose Supaslat
  • Slatted wood effect ceilings and walls – cost-effective slatted panel system designed for efficient installation, choose MicroSlat
  • Acoustic panels and Acoustic Walls – where acoustic performance is key in a functional space, choose Supacoustic
  • Large format beams – lightweight feature beams for strong visual impact, choose Maxibeam
  • Lightweight soft beam system – for excellent design flexibility and acoustic absorption simply, choose MaxiBeam Soft
  • Lightweight quick and easy to install – an economical and effective acoustic absorber with a broad spectrum of colours, choose EchoTone 


We can incorporate access requirements, service integrations, bespoke geometric shapes and angled ends. We routinely collaborate on complex projects and will work closely with you to help solve design challenges that may arise, resulting in a top-quality finish, smooth installation, and excellent end results.

Our proven design quality, flexibility and industry expertise make us the perfect partner to deliver your acoustic wall panel and ceiling solutions.




For more detail on our timber wall and ceiling solutions and our soft panel system please click on the images below.

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Vtec’s acoustic solutions for both acoustic walls and ceilings are ideal for just about any application where you need a great looking acoustic finish on your walls and ceilings.

We can incorporate access requirements, service integrations, bespoke geometric shapes and angled ends.

Airports, Restaurants, Auditoriums, Lecture Theatres, Hotels, Retail, Offices and Leisure & Entertainment are all areas that our proven system excels in.


You may not have an explicit acoustic requirement for your project, but you just love the look of our slatted timber ceilings, slatted timber walls, timber beams or soft acoustic panels.

With such a range of profiles, designs, fixing systems, fabrics and finishes (from warm woods to crisp colours and subtle suede), we’ve got you covered.


Tell us about your applications and we will be glad to discuss options that will fit the bill, drawing on the wide range of acoustic performances and designs that we offer to make your interior excel.


We call on our long experience in interiors to ensure that the solution is right for you and right for your projects. The flexibility of our systems means that we can adjust product specifications to ensure that we meet both design requirements and your budget.


The benefits of our modular systems are well-proven, but we know there are always projects requiring out of the box thinking. We enjoy providing effective solutions to any challenge that arises.

Working from your dimensions we tailor sizes for optimum efficiency – both in production and for the site team. This reduces costs and eliminates cutting and finishing on site.


Our acoustic wall and ceiling panel systems are designed for quick and uncomplicated use on site, where rapid and straight-forward installation is crucial. We send out detailed instructions and remain on hand for support.

MaxiBeam Ceiling London Office MaxiBeam Ceilings and Vertical Beams in Warm Oak in Hotel Chain