York University Lecture Theatre

  • York University Lecture Theatre
  • York University Lecture Theatre
  • York University Lecture Theatre
  • York University Lecture Theatre
  • York University Lecture Theatre

The University of York is a research-intensive plate glass university located in the city of York, England. Established in 1963, the campus university has expanded to more than thirty departments and centres, covering a wide range of subjects.

Along with this expansion, the facilities have been subject to many upgrades. It was one of these that Vtec Group’s Supaslat 4 was used on the ceiling in the lecture theatre.

The ceiling was to a very high spec and also needed to have proven acoustic benefits and be Class 0 Fire rated. Vtec’s Slat 4 ceiling ticked all these boxes with ease.


Product Used: Supaslat 4 Acoustic Ceiling in Lift & Shift Modules


  • Bespoke Features and Sizing = Vtec’s Technical Team worked extensively with the Architect to ensure the ceiling worked with the lighting and other services
  • Lift & Shift System = This made install extremely quick on site as panels were simply engaged into the T24 ceiling grid
  • Proven Acoustic values = being in the lecture theatre this was a ‘must’ to keep reverb and background noise to a minimum

To work with the install teams, Vtec produced and shipped the panels in a number of phases to fit in with the other works on site.


Kingston University Teaching Spaces

Kingston University London is a public research university. It was here Vtec’s Supacoustic Panels were used to improve the acoustics and control unwanted reverberation.

Hannover Communications

By breaking up the zones with our Supaslat 5 feature ceiling, with a stained Redwood finish, the relaxing and collaborative atmosphere of a break out area was enhanced greatly.

Namaste Lounge

Rich in history, Namaste Lounge has been transformed into a modern Indian restaurant, cocktail bar and shisha lounge which Vtec Group’s MAXIBEAM and Supaslat have been used.